Extra Mild Cleansing Milk

Gentle milk that cleanses and moisturises.

This mild cleansing milk draws out impurities and excess oil while moisturising your skin. Your skin, free of daily debris, is softer and more hydrated — revealing a youthful and supple complexion.

  • Take a look at how the Extra Mild Cleansing Milk will transform your skin:

    • Absolute cleanse

    Eliminates impurities from the skin without stripping off its natural moisture.

    • Balanced hydration

    Effectively delivers crucial hydration to the skin’s surface and deeper within.

    • Soothing relief

    Comforts dry and inflamed skin to return it to its natural plumpness and elasticity.

How to use:
  • Dampen the skin after removing makeup. Apply onto the face, while avoiding the eyes. Massage your face slowly in small circles. Rinse off. Use morning and night after makeup remover and before toner.