what is beaubelle?

Empowering Women to Age Joyfully with Body, Mind and Soul Harmony

The modern world we live in and the modern lifestyle we lead all contribute to undue stress on our body, mind and soul.

As skin is the largest organ of the body, it is the one that takes the most direct and immediate damage.

We are passionate in driving the Beaubelle #AgeJoyfully concept to the people of the world and to enhance theunderstanding of this philosophy in order to have better
quality of life as we age.

By looking good we would then feel good. This will lead us to exude a positive outlook and approach to our lives. With this harmony of body, mind and soul, the life you live will be
more meaningful and be filled with fun and love.

Swiss Skin Care by Beaubelle

Beaubelle is a Swiss skin care brand. Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre @ FCC SA Switzerland researches, develops and produces its skin care products in Switzerland. 

We are passionate in driving the “age joyfully” concept to the people in Asia-Pacific and to understand the philosophy of this concept in order to have more quality life as one ages.  As reported by Economic and Social Affairs, Population that the Asia Pacific region is undergoing profound and rapid population changes.  This region is in the process of ageing at an unprecedented pace. 

Beaubelle wants to be present here to share and to educate the people on how to age joyfully and to play a key role in helping them with better skin and body care products. 

Everyone ages, that’s a fact.  But no one should suffer from any discomfort from skin and body ageing as Beaubelle’s research and development of products have taken great studies into providing them with comforting, nurturing and nourishing solutions to put their body, mind and soul in harmony to age joyfully.

ThE CORE OF bEaubelle products

Swiss Alpine Spring Water

Swiss Alpine Spring Water is rich in trace elements and minerals which are valuable sources of vitality for the skin, improving hydration and boosting its resistance to external stress factors.

The special property of Swiss Alpine Spring Water is due to the extensive voyage of rain water as it falls through rocky mountain to a depth of up to a thousand meters below sea level before resurfacing. Located at the pristine foothills of the Swiss Alps, our manufacturing plant is powered by fresh Swiss Alpine Spring Water that draws its energy from the heart of the mountains.

Without removing the skin beneficial components of this beautiful water, Beaubelle has a proprietary 6-step water treatment technology to remove all harmful particles to be 100% safe for skin.

Swiss quality is in the DNA of Beaubelle products

Swiss R&D

Our R&D team at the Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre in Switzerland comprising of cosmetic chemists, wellness experts and skin care professionals conduct extensive research with the aim of developing unique formulations to bring about skin health to enable the process of aging joyfully.

Beaubelle’s breakthrough achievement is the method of filtering Swiss Alpine Spring Water from the glaciers of Switzerland while maintaining its natural freshness, which is a fusion of science and nature for the most superior skincare products along with the usage of the latest skin enhancing biotechnologically advanced botanical active ingredients.

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