W3 - Wide-Spectrum, Wellness, Whitening

Formulated by Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Resrach Center, Switzerland, Beaubelle W3, the latest skin brightening system empowers your skin against pigmentation and uneven skin tone in three holistic steps; Wide Spectrum, Wellness and Whiteing to give your skin an effective, safe & translucent clarity like never before from our biotechnological advanced formulations.

Everyday living is harsh on our skin. Daily exposure to sunlight, smog, pollution and stress causes your skin to age prematurely. A common symptom of solar photodamage is pigmentation. Beaubelle’s W3 System is a skin lightening system that empowers your skin with our bio-technologically advanced formulation that provides Wide-Spectrum, Wellness and Whitening benefits to dramatically reduce and prevent further pigmentation. Your skin will feel healthier while achieving a more luminous, fair and even complexion after prolonged usage. 


  • Contains the fastest and safest advanced Swiss formulation that slows down melanin production naturally without affecting the functions of surrounding healthy cells, so that your skin stays fair, fuelled with vitality and radiance.
  • The products work at multi-levels for all types of pigmentations with long term efficacy. 
  • Fortified with all natural, plant-based active ingredients that is safe for all skin types in addition to providing a unique, holistic sensorial experience.
  • Superior texture that absorbs instantly into the skin deep into the layers of the skin leaving no oily or uncomfortable residues. 
  • Contains antioxidants that protect skin from further aging symptoms deep within the cellular level while shielding skin from further pigmentation with UVA/UVB neutralizers.


  • Reduces and prevents the appearance of pigmentation, freckles, age-induced pigment spots, stress related pigment spots, melasma, birth marks and acne scars.
  • Restores and guards against moisture loss.
  • Skin is healthier, firmer and more hydrated.
  • Skin looks more luminous, fair and even long term.