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Beaubelle introduces its powerful anti-aging range – Swissceuticals, designed to counter the 3 main causes of skin aging.

Biological Stress

Genetic, otherwise known as ‘luck of the draw’, stress and decreasing levels of estrogen. 

Environmental Stress

UV rays, cigarette smoke, pollution, harsh weather, external stress, and trillions of other free radicals. These free radicals damage cell lipids, proteins and DNA, resulting in premature aging of skin. 

Mechanical Stress

Frowning, scowling, contortion of facial muscles, and yes, unfortunately, also smiling and laughing.  

Swissceuticals uses only pharmaceutical grade active ingredients that rejuvenate and heal effectively on a cellular level. Which means, these great nutrients do not just sit idly on the surface of your skin, but actually travel to the cells in the epidermis layer to confront issues at the root, and to alter the structure or function of certain processes in the cells in order to treat or prevent negative skin physiological factors especially free radical damage, oxidative stress, inflammation, dehydration and lackluster cellular respiration.  

Doctor Oxygen, Doctor Defendo and Doctor Perfector work together beautifully on a cellular level to give your skin the combination of nutrients and protection so it literally buzzes with life, as though it didn’t have a care in the world.  Expect quick results with the precise efficacy similar to a doctor’s prescription minus the chemical-laden formulations found in most cosmeceutical skincare in the market. 

With this in mind, Swissceuticals is a scientifically proven cosmeceutical range containing high impact anti-aging, anti-free radical active ingredients including stem cells to overcome wrinkles, dryness, enlarged pores, uneven texture, saggy, blotchy and pigmented skin conditions.  Long-term usage will help the skin to heal and regenerate efficiently without harmful side effects.

Beaubelle’s Swissceuticals is a gentle and safe line of skin care products that integrates the best of science with natural ingredients for the most effective results with 0% downtime.  We’ve sourced only the finest, highest quality ingredients from all around the world and used them in optimum quantities.  The range includes 3 revolutionary result-oriented skin-loving products.