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Your eyes don’t lie. Hence the saying, “the eyes are a window of your soul”  - when you are tired, happy, confused, sad, lying, it’s all showing on your eyes.  You want to know the emotional stage of someone, look into their eyes! They show the truth, no matter what face you put on, in any circumstances.   When your eyes look tired, your soul is saying to you “I need more sleep”.  Keep your eyes healthy if you don’t want to have a panda like black eye rings!



What is Panda Like Black Eye Rings?



  • The skin on the eye contour is the thinnest on the face.  It looks translucent that you can easily see the underlying veins that appear as dark circles you see under the lower eyelids.

  • Common in Men and Women.

  • It makes you look older, tired & unhealthy.





One big culprit is STRESS which I have covered in all my previous blogs for causing various skin conditions, and it causes you to look like a panda now!   When your body is under stress:


  1. more blood is directed to the body’s main organs, resulting in a pale and drained looking face, which makes the dark circles appear to be more noticeable.
  2. stress breaks down the collagen fibres on your eye contour, and it causes the loss of elasticity
  3. stress can also cause the fragile blood capillaries on the thin texture eye contour to break or loose blood and causing the dark hue appearance.

Refer to my earlier blog on how to handle stress, as it’s the major factor for stealing your youth and beauty.

Stress can further aggravate the black eye rings which are caused by other contributing factors which I would name a few here:


HEREDITARY:  If you have inherited these thin or fair skin genes or predisposed medical condition like low thyroid condition from your family, I am sorry that it you are destined to have dark circles on your eye contour. Reasons being,  due to poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, blood, pigments, fluid pool there, and the fragile blood capillaries stretch and leak to the surrounding tissues and causing the dark circles appearing more noticeable on a fair and thin eye contour.

SLEEP: Extreme fatigue that makes you to oversleep, or lose sleep can cause dark circles too.  Fatigue and sleep deprivation cause the skin to become dull and pale, hence the dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your thin texture eye contour become prominent.

AGE: As you grow older, your skin lacks the subcutaneous fat, muscle & collagen to support the area below the eyelids,  and the skin also becomes thinner.  Due to the loss of elasticity and the dark blood vessels below the eye lids, your black eye rings become more visible.

DON’T STRAIN YOUR EYES:Constant looking at the computer, TV and mobile phone screens can cause significant strain on the eyes.  This can cause blood vessels on the eye contour to enlarge and leak hence the skin below the eyes becomes darker.

NOT ENOUGH WATER INTAKE:When the body is lacking in water, the skin beneath your eye contour will become sunken and appear dull and make the pigment around here become more visible.

SUN:The UVA breaks down the collagen fibres which causes the loss of skin elasticity and the UVB stimulates pigment production and making the surrounding skin on the eye contour becomes darken.  Avoid sun exposure as it’s a double edged sword!

GET RID OF EYE RUBBING HABIT:The skinon the eye contour is the thinnest of all on the face.  Don’t irritate it by rubbing or scratching.  When inflammation happens, histamines are released to cause the blood vessels to dilate, stretch and leak,  hence the dark hue on the eye contour.




The followings are some suggested ways to relief the panda like black eye rings:

Reduce Your Stress Level:regardless whatever causes your dark eye rings, Stress could be the main cause, or it could aggravate your genetically predisposed dark eye ring condition.  Nab it before it causes more havoc.

Sleep Adequately: Not over or under sleep.  Most importantly is you should not feel still fatigue or sleepy when you wake up.  Remember, cut down on fluid before bedtime.

Cold Treatment:Apply a cold compress cotton pad over the eyes with just chilled pure water, or better yet a good chilled soothing toner lotion to relief the stress and inflammation, and decrease the discoloured and dilated veins beneath the eyes.

Elevate Your Heads:whilst sleeping to prevent fluid retention beneath the eyes by putting more pillows, however must be in a comfortable position.

Sun Protection: Don’t go out under the strong unprotected.  Use at least a sun protection care of at least SPF 15.

Reduce Salt Intake:thishelps to reduce the fluid pool that causes the bags beneath the eyes which potentially can break your fragile blood capillaries and leak into the surrounding tissues which show as dark circles.

Use Effective Eye Cream:which helps to relief the fatigue by improving the micro blood circulation and lymphatic drainage around the eye contour.  Too much of ray exposure from long term TV watching & staring at computer and mobile phone screens result in the fatigue and strain on the eyes.  When applying the Eye Cream, massage with your weaker ring finger from the inner corner of the eye and move gently towards the temple to help draining the fluid and dark pigments beneath the eye. This helps to strengthen the muscle and boosting the collagen production.

Quick Fix:going for a date, event, party or work, try a concealer that can help covering the dark circles.  You may even try the 2 in 1 tinted sun protection that saves time and very functional.

SKIN CARE TIPS:  BEAUBELLE understanding how STRESS affects your panda like black eye rings,  visit our website and check out the following items:


  • Soothing toner lotion: RSS 03 Dermazulen Soothing Lotion
  • Sun Protection Care with SPF 30: RSPX 8 Shield Nude or 2 in 1 RSP 10 Smart Tone
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