Stress Manager-Swiss Rejuvenating Oil

Calms, protects and repairs.

A super deep hydration calming facial oil that combats redness, heals eczema, protects frazzled skin cells and calms stressed and anxious minds. The oil is pH-balanced, hypoallergenic and microbiome friendly, making it safe for use even by those with very sensitive skin. Its fast-acting properties and deep hydration make this oil a must-have in everyone's regular skincare routine. 

The combination of essential oils de-stresses both the skin and mind, giving you a desirable moment of pleasure.

Take a look at how this amazing oil transforms your skin:

  • Combats and Repairs Stressed Skin Condition

    The combination of essential oils work in unity to combat redness, heal ezcema, protect frazzled skin cells. 

    Calm Stressed and Anxious Minds

    The soothing scent really helps to calm stressed out minds that are anxious by pampering you in a moment of pleasure for both mind and skin.

How to use:
  • Press a few drops onto your hand. Rub the oil in your hands then inhale the scent a few times to de-stress. Gently massage it all over your face to let the oil penetrate your skin evenly.