October 04, 2017 2 min read

Swiss cities frequently rank high on the list of world’s best places to live in. And to top it off, this year Switzerland took the #1 spot in the ‘Best Countries’ ranking by the Y&R’s BAV Consulting, U.S. News, and the Wharton School, with a high score for quality of life. And what’s not to love. Surrounded by panoramic views of sweeping valleys, tranquil lakes, and the glacier-carved Swiss Alps, Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful. Here, the mountain air is fresh, the spring water is clean, and the food is mostly organic and deliciously wholesome. You can start the day with healthy Bircher muesli, dunk rustic country bread into a molten fondue of Swiss cheese for lunch, and end the day with an indulgently rich chocolate dessert or de-stress with a cup of hot Swiss chocolate. And if you’re ever worried about putting on weight, all those calories can easily be burnt off engaging in outdoor activities like biking in the summer, and skiing in the winter amidst picturesque views. The Swiss work hard, but they also have a strong work-life balance which allows them to spend quality time with their families. In fact, many couples and families reunite during the weekdays over their lunch hour and spend their leisure time hiking together on weekends as most stores are closed on Sundays. So it comes as no surprise that the Swiss have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, after Japan and Iceland.   Switzerland also tops the list of the world’s cleanest countries. With an Environmental Performance Index (EPI) score of 95.5 out of 100, it is famed for its pristine environment, clean drinking water, and fresh mountain air. In fact, just a year ago, Switzerland took to exporting its pure Swiss air. After all, nothing can compare to taking a deep breath in the middle of the Swiss Alps, surrounded by majestic mountains and a clear blue sky. Pure clean air really has a wonderful way of reviving the body and the spirit. And since exporting pristine bottled water from the Swiss Alps has already proven to be such a global success, why not air? In Switzerland, about 80% of the drinking water stems from natural springs and groundwater, and the country has such strict regulations concerning water and its quality that in some places, you can drink straight out of the lake without having any second thoughts! With all that fresh air, unpolluted water and stress-free living (high wages & low taxes), it’s no wonder the Swiss are known for their immaculate skin. Fortunately though, you don’t have to live in Switzerland to enjoy the benefits of a pristine environment. Launched in 1995, Beaubelle is a global brand that merges the riches of nature with the most advanced dermal science know-how to provide holistic skin rejuvenation for the harmony of the body, mind and soul. Its products and treatments are researched, developed, and made in Switzerland at Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre SA, to ensure the highest quality and the best ingredients for effective results. And of course, Beaubelle uses nothing but the purest and freshest Swiss Alpine Spring Water in its entire skincare range.

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