The Beaubelle Lotus


The lotus flower is a beacon of strength and beauty as it can live in any season and still thrive.  Although it may be emerging from a murky pond, the exquisite beauty, symmetry and serenity of this unique plant cannot be denied.  The flower radiates cleanliness and purity even against the background of the dirty water.  Because of this, many great cultures of the world have associated the lotus flower with strength, beauty and purity.  Another interesting fact about the lotus flower is that it was used as a symbol for the unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms, bringing the upper and lower divisions of the country together in harmony.

The lotus flower logo of Beaubelle is thus the ideal depiction of our tagline, representing the harmonious balance between the body (beauty), mind (strength) & soul (purity).

To signify the advanced technology behind the science of Beaubelle products, the lotus flower is designed in a distinctly modern style. The contemporary design of a traditional icon signifies the merging of the riches of nature with the most advanced dermal science know-how, which forms the basis of all Beaubelle products.