Alpine Spring Water


Swiss Alpine Spring Water is a key ingredient used in the formulation of Beaubelle skin care products. Located at the foothills of the Swiss Alps, our manufacturing plant is powered by fresh Swiss Alpine Spring Water that draws its energy from the heart of the mountains.  Unprocessed and pure, Swiss Alpine Spring Water is rich in trace elements.  These trace elements and minerals are a valuable source of vitality for the skin, improving hydration and boosting its resistance to external stress factors.


The special properties of Swiss Alpine Spring Water is due to the extensive voyage of rain water as it falls through rocky mountains to a depth of up to a thousand meters below sea level before resurfacing.

During this lengthy journey, the water becomes rich in minerals and carbon dioxide is removed. Because of the depth underground that the water travels, Swiss Alpine Spring Water consists of minerals that are only located deep underground but which contain healing properties and are exempt from bacteria and pollution. Naturally pure and rich in minerals trace elements, this extraordinary water has become globally recognized for its therapeutic properties, particularly those that concern the skin, and is often dermatologist recommended.

Swiss Alpine Spring Water is extracted from glaciers at a height of up to a thousand meters in the alpine mountains of Switzerland.

From the glacier, the water flows to the source called Fontaine Claire. It flows inside the canal without going through any modifications or changes. From the canal, it arrives to several points of distribution, including Beaubelle’s facilities and the Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre.

Once the water is collected, it is treated to remove all microorganisms (weeds, pollens, yeasts, bacteria and viruses) to make it 100% pure. The highly pure water is further enriched with minerals that provide ample benefits for use on skin.

Through a natural process, Beaubelle once again filters the water to eliminate any potential bacteria and impurities that may be present. From there, the water is ready to be used in effective medical grade skin care products that are ideal for sensitive skin care, normal skin care or combination skin care.

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