Fun Facts


Our skin is a living organism that requires oxygen & nutrients to survive.


Skin can be deprived of pure oxygen due to air pollution.


Oxygen infused skincare provides multiple powerful benefits that are important.

Why Does Our Skin Need the Added O2?

Air Pollution


Lack of Sleep

Poor Nutrition

Digital Device Exposure

Low Density

of Collagen & Elastin

What happens when skin is deprived of Pure Oxygen?

Oxygen depletion will cause skin premature aging.

Cellular metabolism regeneration slows down, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles & skin discoloration.

High Density

of Collagen & Elastin

How Important is Oxygen for Skin?

Cells that are enriched with oxygen helps to improve the assimilation of the active components, giving well oxygenated skin that appears youthful & vibrant.

Why We Love This Product

  • Enriched with oxygen & antioxidants to reinvigorate your skin from the depth
  • Proven to be highly potent to reach cellular level & induce oxygen
  • Supplies energy to skin for daily metabolism, collagen synthesis, cell renewal & regeneration of skin tissue
  • Shields skin from progressive inflammation & irritation, eg: smoke, stress, aging process & other harmful elements

Enriched With Oxygenating Bio-Actives & Antioxidant Actives

3 in 1 Leave-On Mask

Home spa-like oxygen-infused facial treatment experience



Apply a generous layer & leave on skin for 10 - 20 minutes.

Optional: spray any suitable Beaubelle toner to transform the mask into fluid before massaging into skin.



Gently massage in circular motion with dampened fingers until fully absorbed into the skin.



Lightly wipe with wet facial towel to lock nutrients in skin. Do not rinse off as this will compromise your desired effects of the mask.

Urban, Modern Lifestyle Centric

Living the 21st century lifestyle can be exciting yet demanding. We need innovative, targeted skin care that is able to cater to our lifestyle demands & help us achieve that healthy, hydrate, glow skin effortlessly.

Super Oxygen-Skin Fitness Mask does this by encapsulating (harnessing) the power of oxygen with multitasking abilities & deliver straight to your complexion with convenience, effectiveness & easy usage.

Best for Dry, Dull & Dehydrated Skin


Super Oxygen-Skin Fitness Mask

is precisely what you need if your complexion is frequently dull, dry or dehydrated!

Experience the wonders of Oxygen-infused face mask

that recharges your skin swiftly to give you

healthy, hydrate & glow skin in no time!

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