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STRONGWOMAN: STRESS – Oh My Crow’s Feet Eye Contour

Invest In Your Skin As You Are Wearing It For A Life Time Whether You Like It Or Not!

Have you ever imagined, our eye contour can be linked to that of crow’s feet??  How unsightly they are on our face??  What actually happened that we allowed such a situation to arise??   Is there a remedy for this or forever you will carry crow’s feet appearance?


Pleasant Appearance is the passport to many pleasant things in life. Don’t forsake it, give it a nurturing, loving care.




What & How For Crow’s Feet Eye Contour?? 

Crow’s Feet on the eye contour are not wrinkles or expression lines like other parts of face.  Due to the thinnest of the skin around the eye contour, the crow’s feet can look much deeper and more obvious.  And the lack of oil glands around the eye contour, this area of face is usually very dry and prone to wrinkling.

As the shield is weak here, hence the damages from sun and free radicals can radically break down the collagen and the elastin fibers quickly, and causing the deep depression of lines as you see in the form of crow’s feet.


How? The Remedies


Chronic stress causes the micro circulation to slow down. Hence there is not enough of nutrients to reach this eye contour and resulting in degeneration of the skin tissues.



The regular exposure to UVA of sun rays unprotected causing the break down of collagen and elastin.  And too much of UV rays result in free radical formations that attack the skin cells, rendering them damaged, and you see lines formed on the eye contour. Use a strong UV protection care product which targets at fighting free radicals too.



Sleep on your back.  Place an extra pillow under your knees to keep you from turning over.  Put a body pillow alongside your body and sleeping pillow, prop up your shoulder and chest and cross your leg over to the body pillow to sleep comfortably.  Try this sleeping posture to see how the crow’s feet are reduced.



Massage your eye contour with an eye serum and eye contour cream that contain peptides to improve micro blood circulation, lymphatic drainage to tighten the sagging skin tissues.  The massage with good formulation eye contour products will give more oxygen and nutrients to the red blood cells around the eye contour to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


5) SKIN CARE TIPS:  BEAUBELLE understands how STRESS results in crow’s feet eye contour, visit our website www.beaubelle.com and check out the following items:

6) Eye Lift Cream: contains a special complex of wide-spectrum peptides to fill-in, smoothen and lift skin around the eyes.

7) Essential Eye Concentrate: After 8 weeks of clinical trials using Essential Eye Concentration, the production of Fibroblasts is increased by 200%.  Fibroblasts essentially are to produce collagen fibres.

8) Smart Tone – Color Control Correction Cream SPF 30: Smart Tone is sunglasses for your eye contour, analogous to wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. It’s not just a sun protection product, but repairing the CELL DNA from the sun and the free radical damages.

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