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Solar Energy Tribo-Effleurage Massager


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Solar Energy Tribo-Effleurage Massager is an original and effective at-home contouring beauty device. The gold-plating coating is skin-friendly and performs well in conduction. The mild microcurrent is generated by drawing in light with solar panel fixed in the massager. The massaging bead would boost eye cream absorption. The V-shaped massage area would promote lymphatic drainage, combating sagging、puffiness and fatigued dry eyes. The V-shaped massage area would do uplifting for face and neck, delivering sharper, more enhanced-looking features. Whole experience just like in a spa.

  • Take a look at how the Solar Energy Tribo-Effleurage Massager will transform your skin.

  • Micro-current massager with solar panel

    With a solar board inside, this massager effectively absorbs light energy to conduct microcurrents. Directly to the bottom of muscles, activate cells, tightens the skin around the eyes. 

  • 24K gold plating, skin-friendly, strong conductivity

    Promotes the penetration of nutrients into the skin, improve s
    microcirculation and activate s cell vitality.

  • Multi-angle and Y-tail design 

    Able to use for the eye contour, neck and facial muscles to remove fine lines and wrinkles. Dredges the eye meridians and uplift sagging eyes, facial contour and relaxes the skin.