Neurocosmetic Set

Relax, curbs stress and deeply hydrate skin.

Neurocosmetic is a new concept in skin science – involving the link between the skin and the brain, thus helps to reduce the symptoms of stress from the skin. Beaubelle Face Anti Stress Neurocosmetic Set is good for everyone as a treatment or prevention, thanks to these amazing duo skin care: Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask. Your skin does not need to look older than your biological age due to stress.

Stress destroys skin health and beauty and it ages your skin prematurely. You have to manage the stress symptoms soonest before it takes a toll on your skin. There is a saying: If you can’t handle stress, you can’t handle success. Stress is unavoidable in the era today. Life is moving so fast with all types of advanced technology, and many people are caught up in the rat race. Sometimes the best way to handle stress is just relax. 

  • Take a look at how Face Anti-Stress Neurocosmetic Set will transform your stressed looking skin to relaxed and younger looking skin.

    Working From The Skin To The Mind
    It’s about applying neurocosmetic skin care ingredients on the skin & via the nervous system to relax and calm our mind, then the brain cells would activate neuropeptides that are beneficial to skin health and beauty.

    Curbs Stress
    Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil fights stress while boosting your skin’s moisture barrier with a medley of 100% pure essential oils that calm, hydrate and invigorate. Ultra-absorbent and lightweight, it revives dull skin and transforms complexion for beautifully soft, smooth and luminous results. 

    Deeply Hydrates
    Biovegetal Relaxing Mask helps to lock in moisture, giving deep hydration to sensitive and dry skin. It also maintains the skin’s pH balance and helps to remove oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. Hydration is an essential fundamental element to maintaining a healthy skin immunity and a major key to skin survival.

  • After cleansing and exfoliating (when necessary), tone and immediately apply 2 or more drops of Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil on the face/eye contour/neck & decollete with anti-stress massage technique, to enhance micro-blood circulation, or just apply it on the skin, and on top of it - the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask. Leave it on the skin for 10 mins and rinse it off.

    It can be used from once a week to even alternate days for those who have more obvious signs of stress on the skin. Preferably to use it in the evening when winding down of the day’s activities. Whilst using it, just relax to read your favourite book, listening to music or simply just close your eyes to rest.