Amazing Luminance Holistic Oxygenating Cellular Cream

Renews, rebalances and revives.

This ultra-enriching cream holistically renews, rebalances and revives the skin for a radiant complexion. Enriched with potent ingredients like rare red algae and diamond powder, it turns back time to reveal healthy glowing skin with no signs of ageing.
  • Mindfully examine our quintessential high-performance ingredients:

      • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5
      A small bioactive peptide, it stimulates and accelerates the synthesis of collagen as well as firming the skin by altering the way skin cells function. Studies show that this peptide can mimic the body’s natural communication mechanisms to communicate with skin cells and flush out toxins or render them inert.

      • Diamond Powder
      This coveted ingredient displays healing properties and stimulates immune defenses. It exfoliates the epidermis, refines and retexturises the surface of the skin.

        • Phylderm Vegetal C
        Obtained by the gentle hydrolysis of soy proteins, it delivers the requisite proteins for the cell to intensify its metabolic activities and increase the absorption of oxygen into the skin. With the increase in oxygen, the skin is able to repair itself three times faster and effortlessly erase the signs of time.

        • Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract
        Helps to stimulate tissue oxygenation and fight free radicals, leading to an increase in energy production by the cell.

        • Squalane
        A hydrocarbon that is found naturally in the skin, it maintains skin’s moisture and hydration. It is also an antioxidant with anti-ageing properties to neutralise environmental stressors and damage.

          • Sodium Hyaluronate
          A naturally occurring component found in between the cells, its water binding properties plump up the spaces between the connective collagen and elastin fibers. The skin is hydrated, plump and supple.

        How to use:
        • Use morning and night after cleansing, toning and application of concentrate. Rub an adequate amount between palms until the cream evens out to a thin texture. Massage gently onto the face in an upward motion.