LIFTOCELL – Nutrition Rich Breast Cream (200g)


Nutrition Rich Breast Cream helps the skin around the breasts to be stronger by restoring the vitality and strength of the breast muscles and tissues. It hydrates the skin and soothes any irritation that will prematurely age the skin. For those women with sagging breast condition, Liftocell breast cream will help to lift up the breasts and give the breasts firmer and better shape appearance with fairer skin color.

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To keep your breasts supple and beautiful, it is important to take care of the skin in the area. The breasts can become dry and itchy if you don’t follow a good skin care regimen and it will age prematurely.

Nutrition Rich Breast Cream

Beta Sitosterol:

Beta Sitosterols come from the heart of the pine. Sterols are molecules present in plants and animals. Phytosterols are so called as they are of plant origin. Phytosterols are found naturally in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts and grains. Beta Sitosterols are present in plants which are essential components of the cell membranes of plants.

appearance of skin through suppression of epidermal melanosome transfer with subsequent effect on skin pigmentation, and thus it controls the uneven skin tones on the skin. Vitamin B3 prevents wrinkles and ne lines, brown spots and scars. The treatment helps to ght against skin ageing. Vitamin B3 has anti-in ammatory, hydrating and protective activity against UV. It helps to reduce skin cancer induced by UV.

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (Triticum Vulgare):

This wheat protein is used as peptides for the skin of the breasts. All living organisms have Proteins as the most important constituents. This is why it make sense to use similar structures in Liftocell formula. Wheat Protein is used here for it’s moisturizing properties. It enables the retention of water in the skin and deeply moisturize the skin.

It has been proven by clinical test that Wheat Protein helps to the reconstruction of bers and increase the strength and resistance of tissues. It improves the texture, smoothness and suppleness of the skin.

Thanks to the excellent penetration of this protein in tissue capillaries, base protection and restructuring of the breast tissue is formed. In Liftocell, Wheat Protein is lm forming which protects and rms up the skin. It helps the skin to regain its vitalization and smoothness.


Promotes cell proliferation and swift epitheliaslisation in skin areas which are super cially injured, heavily streses, or exposed to harsh weather.

Applicatoin of Allantoin to skin with stretch marks leads to soft, smooth and healthy appearance.

It is believed that Allantoin causes a transient local increase in leucocytes and possibly also improves lymph ow. Theses properties, of major interest to both dermatologists and cosmeticians, have been con rmed by in-vitro and in-vivo studies.

An interesting and no less important property of Allantoin is its bene cial in uence on skin moisture, which underlines the biological equilibrum emphasized again and again by dermatologists and beauty specialists.

Allantoin promotes cell regeneration in skin exposed to and weakened by external factors. Allantoin potentiates the healing and regenerating activity due to it’s good keratolytic properties.


Vegetable Squalane is a clear liquid with three- dimensional functionality. It works as a light emollient, protective moisture barrier and conditioner. Its molecular weight has been optimized to enhance skin sensation properties.

This is a cosmetic oil which is non-comedogenic. Vegetable Squalane provides lightweight moisturization for a cashmere soft feel. It offers a pleasantly soft, non-oily skin sensation. When rubbed between the ngers, Vegetable Squalane has satiny skin feel. Once dry, it leaves the skin feeling cashmere soft. It maintains skin’s natural water balance for a more radiant appearance. it provides advanced protection against moisture loss by acting as a barrier to help maintain the skin’s natural moisture level. Increased hydration helps skin appear more radiant and supple.

Skin Hydrating: A skin ef cacy test showed that daily use of Vegetable Squalane helps improve skin hydration.

Grapefruit Seed Oil:

Grape Seed Oil mainly contains: Oleic Acid: 13%, Linoleic Acid: 14%, Alpha-linoleic Acid: 7%, unsaponi able, Tocopherols, Phytosterols – Phospholipides, Polyphenols: Proanthocyanidin. Grape Seed Oil presents the properties of anti-oxidant, emollient and lubricating. But it also has, thanks to the tannins, astringent and anti free radicals properties, which protect the skin against aging effects and solar radiations. This oil is used here for dry, devitalized, tired and aged skins.

Tocopheryl Acetate:

An anti-oxidant, Vitamin E helps prevent free radical damage in the skin tissues. Major anti- oxidant nutrient; retards cellular aging due to oxidation; aids in bringing nourishment to cells; strengthens the capillary walls prevents the red blood cells from destructive poisons.

Apricot Kernel Oil:

The apricot is the fruit of a tree called generally small apricot, the family Rosaceae. The apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamin A and linoleic acid is the most oil rich in polyunsaturated acids, which gives nourishing, moisturizing, regenerating and softening for the skin.

Indeed, apricot kernel oil is very effective on skin problems faded, tired, wrinkled skin on the breasts. Thanks to its very light texture, it is easily absorbed and leaves no oily lm on the skin. It revitalizes, strengthens, nourishes, softens and slows the aging of the skin.

The Apricot kernel oil restores suppleness and strength. The apricot kernel oil is known to improve skin tone, it is a component of Liftocell for reviving the luster of the skin. It is excellent to rejuvenate and brighten skin.



Apply a.m. and p.m. After cleansing, toning, conditioning and concentrate application as a moisturizer.

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