RDC01 – Doctor Oxygen – Extraordinary Skin Repair Concentrate (30ml)

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A powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, detoxifying, pore and fine lines minimizing skin serum that prevents and reverses the signs of aging. The effectiveness of this unique skin repair concentrate lies in beaubelle’s oxyqi, based on the ‘qi’ life force of oxygenation and a complex of botanical stem cells. Doctor oxygen maintains the health of skin cells in good times, and switches into power mode to protect them from damages during bad times, to give you brighter, rosier, translucent skin.


Mature skin. Lines and wrinkles. Puffiness. Lack of energy and vitality.





Effectively and efficiently prevents and reverses the signs of aging.  Improves cell oxygenation, repairs and renews skin.  Helps to improve tissue oxygenation and smoothens out wrinkles.  Moisturizing and hydrating.  Helps to detoxify skin tissues and reduce skin puffiness.

Rich serum that is easily absorbed by the skin.

Oxyqi – beaubelle’s exclusive complex of two unique botanical stem cells.

The first derived from a natural mixture of bioactive tripeptides and naturally occurring carbohydrates of nicotiana sylvestris stem cell culture.  The extracellular matrix of plants is very similar to that of animals.  Indeed, the major structural protein of the plant cell wall has sometimes been called “plant collagen”.   This natural blend of peptides and sugars derived from the partial hydrolysis of the extracellular matrix (cell wall) of cultured plant stem cells is a powerful anti-free radical agent and a dna guardian as it induces new collagen production and protects the existing collagen from degradation, as well as boosting atp levels, for a 360° anti-aging effect.

Apply a.m. and p.m. After cleansing and toning. Massage a thin layer over face, followed by the appropriate moisturizer.


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