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Swiss Calm,

moisturises and protects sensitive skin

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Symptoms Of Sensitive Skin






Did You Know?

On average, globally, approximately 70% of women and 60% of men are reported to have some degree of sensitive skin. Triggers are usually unknown and symptoms include redness, itching, burning or stinging sensation, tightness, and dryness, usually visible around the cheek and nose area.

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Swiss Calm

A soothing and calming experience,
each product in this range helps with
sensitive skin’s different needs.

Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream

RM268.00 MYR

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Mousse

RM160.00 MYR

Stress Manager-Swiss Rejuvenating Oil

RM268.00 MYR

Skin Savior Soothing Serum

RM268.00 MYR

Why Swiss Calm?


With the sweet aroma of pure essential oils, Swiss Calm eases stress as you inhale the calming scents leading to reduced cortisol level – a stress hormone that breaks down collagen and skin elasticity.


With a healthy keratinisation process, Swiss Calm enhances the skin barrier by reducing the level of Trans epidermal Water loss while maintaining a good lipid layer of the epidermis (outer layer of skin).


Swiss Calm maintains a health ratio of microbiome and cell to provide good skin defence in order to prevent bacteria invasion on the skin.

Soul-soothing Fragrance

Crafted to soothe the soul, Swiss Calm is a wholesome range that is holistic and goes beyond simple skincare.

With highly sensorial products, this range is developed specially for sensitive skin with a widely loved scent – citrus.

The delicate zesty and fresh notes will leave a soothing and relaxing experience.


Lavender Oil

Geranium Oil

Mandarin Peel Oil


Quillaja Saponaria Bark Extract

Swiss Alpine Spring Water


Apricot Oil

Meadowfoam Seed Oil




The Heart of Swiss Calm

A key ingredient in the formulation of Beaubelle skincare products, the Swiss Alpine Spring Water draws its energy from the heart of the Swiss Mountains of which also powers Beaubelle’s manufacturing plant. Harvested at the foothills of the Swiss Alps, this magical water is then processed further using Beaubelle’s signature 6-step water treatment technology to give you the very best the alps in skincare.

Customer’s Reviews after 7 days of usage:


of women enjoy the lightweight, non-oily, fast absorbing texture

The oil is literally one of the best facial oils around! Its texture is really lightweight and non-oily in comparison to many others. It also absorbs quickly into the skin and I can feel the immediate difference each time – softer, smoother, glowing skin!- Sandra, 30


of women said that their skin sensitivity and redness have reduced after one week.

I love how the whole Swiss Calm range calms, refreshes, replenishes moisture and helps avoid my skin from getting dry or sensitive, as I do swim in the sun a lot. I have definitely seen the improvement in my skin's texture. This is great for people with sensitive skin.- Vanessa, 43


of women voted 5 stars for the calming scent and feeling.

I could smell it all day long as the blend is super relaxing to the mind. Combined with the massage techniques, your mind and body would be destressed at the end of the day.- Shereen, 25



More radiance, refined and hydrated skin!

“I enjoy the scent of Stress Manager-Swiss Rejuvenating Oil. It is really relaxing and calming after a busy day. The oil is easily absorbed by the skin and leave no sticky and oily feels after applying. After 7 days of usage, I realized my skin become more hydrating, radiance and refined.”

-- Samantha, 36 years old



Face Oil that makes you Glow!

This Stress Manager Oil does not only have a gorgeous scent but absorbs really well too. After massaging it into my skin, it feels really luxurious and glowing. I sleep in an air conditioned room every night, and even though the air is somewhat dry in the morning my face isn’t. A healthy and happy skin is definitely a win.

-Christine Chin, 37 years old



Absolutely Love This!

This is one of my favourite products and I absolutely love it! The scent is soothing and relaxing, and it leaves my skin feeling so good! I usually use it together with the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask, but it's very versatile and can be used when you're at work and need a breather, or even mixed into your foundation.

-Lora Dash, 34 years old



The calming duo that is also moisture boosters

I really like how lightweight the Stress Manager Oil is as someone who has oily skin, I always struggle to find the perfect oil. This rejuvenating oil has surpassed my expectation and helped to give my skin that ultra boost of moisture! Furthermore, the scent is to die for!! I could smell it all day long as the blend is super relaxing to the mind. Combined with the massage techniques and your mind and body would be destressed at the end of the day.

-Shereen, 25 years old

I look forward to applying Swiss Calm everyday simply because of the relaxing smell when I apply. I love their Star Product. the Stress Manager- Swiss Rejuvenating Oil which is infused with essential oil such as Lavender, Sunflower Seed, Mandarin Peel and Geranium. Being stuck at home all day with the kids, also means that my Stress level is at its peak almost every hour of the day, so it’s really nice to be able to unwind with this! Everynight my regime, I'll drop a few drops onto my palm. Rub the oil in my hands then inhale the scent a few times to de-stress and then gently massage it all over my face to let the oil penetrate into skin. I also use it together with my sun block and foundation for the morning. I love how it leaves my skin looking glowy and feeling velvety.


During my recent pregnancy, my dry skin became increasingly dry with some itchiness. It was uncomfortable and I’ve to use only pregnancy-safe skincare. I was introduce to Beaubelle Swiss Calm, made with 100% natural ingredients and Swiss Alpine Spring Water. This range have been my skin savior and really BEST. My skin feels hydrated, plump, soft and glowing. Check out my before after results 😄 It’s also true the scent is calm and fresh smells of luxury SPA. Thank you Beaubelle for saving my skin 🧡🧡🧡


I do love products that are as natural as possible and gentle to my sensitive skin. My favourite product is Beaubelle's Stress Manager-Swiss Rejuvenating Oil. It is hydrating, helps with redness and smells divine


Stress Manager - Swiss Rejuvenating Oil has really made a huge difference to not only how my skin feels but also how my whole being feels each day. For me inhaling this facial oil every morning and then patting it on my skin instantly lifts my mood. Throughout the day the scent makes me feel stronger inside and more at balance with what lies ahead.


This skin care brand is really mind blowing! All the ingredients are precious and the positive impact on your skin is significant. Swiss Calm are anti-stress oriented with calming oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients. My absolute love is Stress Manager-Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and Skin Savior Soothing Serum which contain calming oils to destress the skin. Nothing is better than simple ingredients giving you significant results 🙏

Whether your skin is dry, oily or combination, the stress of everyday life demands that we take care of it. ⁣ I love Beaubelle Swiss Calm range which is made in Switzerland from Swiss Alpine Spring Water. These products are also infused with 100% natural essential oils and I must say that the quality of my skin has improved.⁣ ⁣ I can only recommend this line for a healthy glowing skin. Furthermore, I think it is important to choose natural and local Swiss products 🌿


Nobody wants stress to ruin their skin and I know the solution 😉 Beaubelle Swiss Calm, a skincare range of 4 amazing products that are made from Swiss Alpine Spring Water and other natural functional potent ingredients 💦 It is also infused with 100% natural, authentic & unadulterated essential oils and is hypoallergenic, pure and soft. Swiss Calm will transform your most typical views about skincare with its calming and effective results.


Be kind and take care of yourself. It will reveal your true inner beauty !✨ Enjoying my skincare routine with Beaubelle Swiss Calm! Totally in love with the formula 💞


Safe for Pregnant Moms

Just reviewed a great, spa-like range for calming sensitive & sensitised skin. The oil is beyond this world calming, relaxing and hydrating! It really smells like you're in a luxurious spa Check out my before & after!

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    Beaubelle的Swiss Calm系列让我有很大的改变。从不花时间在脸部做按摩的我,现在每晚睡前按摩时必备动作。额!只需花上几分钟的时间,可以让皮肤镇静、可以让我好好的睡一觉,何乐而不为呢?