2 Phases Make-up Remover

2 phases with the oil right on top which is effective for waterproof make-up. Non surfactant and very mild product and the softness are enhanced with cornflower water which is soothing and hydrating to the eye contour area.

Take a look at how the 2 Phases Make-up Remover will transform your skin:

    • Oat Amino Acids: Hydrating

It is a natural humectant clinically proven to increase hydration. Whilst the facial make-up is being removed, the hydration of the eye contour is still maintained.

    • Cornflower: Soothe eye contour

Cornflower is used externally as an anti-inflammatory and astringent herb for eye ailments and skin cleansing. An eyewash made with cornflower blossoms is used for conjunctivitis as well as to relieve strained, tired or puffy eyes.

How to use:

  • Shake well the bottle to let the lotion and the water phases become homogeneous before using it with a cotton wool. Remove all make-up before proceeding with the actual facial cleansing procedure.