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Beaubelle Flagship Salon

Seri Hartamas Shopping Centre

The holistic approach to skincare and body care is beauty from the inside out.

Why is it that some skincare products or facial and body treatments work better on one, and do not produce the same results on another?


We have different DNAs, hormones, diets and the lifestyles. Holistic view of individual needs is important as all body systems are interdependent to enable you to have beautiful and healthy skin and body conditions.

Truth is, there is no miracle cream or treatment. Skincare and body care equipment of smart and highest technology, enhances the results, holistically, a healthy body composition is very essential to achieve sustainable desired results.  


We are serious in giving you the best of product & treatment qualities and we look forward to welcoming you. 


Experienced therapeutic hands of our qualified team

Body Management

Latest cutting-edge technology – speedy results with minimal time investment

TCM & Health Screening

Evidence based health restoration benefits

Fine Swiss Quality Products

High performance Beaubelle Swiss Skincare

Beaubelle's Total Wellness Concept

The mission of The Beaubelle Flagship Salon is to provide holistic skin and body wellness treatments for better quality of life. We strive to set ourselves apart from the norm.

Intertwining Beaubelle Swiss experience together with the total wellness concept of skin and body management.

You start your treatment journey by going through basic body health assessment results and/or TCM pulse reading, then appropriate individual treatment programs are customized just for you.

Beaubelle flagship salon interwines general health and wellness with beauty technology and methodology, we bring to you a holistic approach towards beauty.

Behold within, the latest in skincare laser and body management technology with Swiss premium skincare, that deliver non-invasive, quick and incredibly effective results with zero downtime. They are delivered by the nurturing hands & expertise of our qualified therapists.


Beaubelle believes that to have sustainable and effective treatments, we would advise you to have a Standard Screening & Review Consultation Assessment, by our team of Wellness & Medical Experts who provide review consultation through professional medical assessment. 

Next, you will be recommended a facial or body treatment plan that treats your inner body systems, and outer at the skin or body level with smart & hi-tech beauty equipment & Swiss skincare, while choosing to enhance further the results through TCM treatment methodologies.

You can rest assure your results will be amazing, from the inside and out.


Beaubelle Flagship Salon exclusively uses Swiss Beaubelle skincare.

The Beaubelle R&D team of cosmetic chemists, wellness experts and skincare professionals conduct extensive research with the aim of developing unique technologies to bring skin health to enable one to age joyfully.

One of the Beaublle’s breakthrough achievements is the method of purifying Swiss alpine spring water from the glaciers of Switzerland while maintaining its natural freshness which is a fusion of science and nature for the most superior skincare formulations.Depending on the product category, on average beauty products may contain anywhere from 60% to 85% water. Hence, water is the main component part of the formulations, thus it is essential to use as pristine crystal clear and pure water as possible in the manufacturing of the skincare.

The mission of Beaubelle Swiss Skincare is empowering women to age joyfully with body, mind and soul harmony and the magical water is the heart of Beaubelle products. In Beaubelle Flagship Salon, we are serious in giving you the best of product & treatment qualities and we look forward to welcoming you.