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“Multitasking Facial Toner – Every Women Needs This in Her Beauty Staple”

Winner of Marie Claire’s 2019 Best Skin Tonic

Beaubelle Alpine Refreshing Toner caters to women in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s – whether you’re upgrading your skin routine, running a busy & active lifestyle, constantly travelling or have very minimal time for TLC - this toner have been formulated with Swiss Alps salt and pure essential oil to give you multiple beauty fixes:

For skin purification & hydration

For refining pores

For skin balance

For setting makeup

For acne-prone skin

For aromatherapy experience

On top of that, the spray formulation provides ease, convenience and speed – allowing you to use in the morning and throughout the day for an instant hydration fix!

This works great as a regular toner & a face mist!

“I really liked the concept of what this product wanted to achieve – a regular toner or a face mist - it work great as both! It is refreshing and not too strong which somewhat awakes me as well. This facial toner leaves my skin cleaner, refreshed and leave the skin with better elasticity and tonicity. If you want extra hydration to your skin or your skin feels dry, this product I really recommend.”

Beaubelle Alpine Refreshing Toner Review
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