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Oily skin equals to shiny skin. That is not ideal for you.
There are a few factors as to why skin gets oily. The main culprit would be the over-production of oil from the sebaceous glands and when this oil mixes with dead skin cells, it causes pores to get blocked leading to breakouts. Among the factors for oily skin would be genetics, age, enlarged pores, location and weather, and wrong usage of products.

There are a few ways to determine what products is suitable for your oily skin. Different people have different skin and one way to shop for products is to look by product type. However, we need to be careful when shopping using this factor as it could cause you your skin.

For those who have oily skin, there are a few things to look out for when shopping for products; whatever it is, be it cleanser, toner or moisturiser:


Oil-free Formula

For obvious reasons, opt for oil-free products. You wouldn’t want to add fuel to the fire. It is understandable if you would like to try out due to various reasons but using oil-based products will just make your skin situation worse and could cause acne. It is better to steer clear of oil-based products altogether.



What it simply means is ‘non-clogging’. Looking for products with this feature helps with preventing your pores from getting clogged. However, do take note of ingredients and might not even live up to what it claims of being ‘non-comedogenic’. Among ingredients you would want to avoid would be names such as lanolin, sodium laureth sulphate, wheat germ, palm or coconut oil (yes, they are comedogenic).


Lightweight Moisturiser

This is another trait to look out for when shopping for products. Although, generally, oil-free and non-comedogenic products are more lightweight compared to other products, be sure to opt for not only a lightweight moisturiser but also a gel-based one (remember that it’s oil-free and non-comedogenic too). This helps to hydrate your skin and in turn, balance the oil production as well.


Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

As we all know, sunscreen use is inevitable whether indoor or outdoor – we are exposed to UV rays wherever we go. For people with oily skin, all the more sunscreen should be used in order to protect your skin. In order for it to be fully safeguarded, ensure that the sunscreen is equipped with SPF30 and is broad-spectrum. As with non-comedogenic, do check out the ingredients as some brands may claim to be broad spectrum but unfortunately not. By choosing this kind of sunscreen, it helps with minimising shine, shrinking appearance of pores while not weighing skin down and ultimately, protect your skin from UV rays.

What we recommend: Beaubelle Shield Nude and Smart Tone. Suitable for all skin types, check out how else these sunscreens can benefit your skin here.

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