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HOW DOES STRESS AFFECT YOUR LOOK?? HAPPY MONDAY! It’s totally normal to have stress in life, and often could be beneficial because Stress:
  • helps boost your immune system
  • helps you with creativity
  • helps your body stay physically fit
  • energizes and motivates you
However when you do not manage your stress well,  and allowing it to control your life, chronic stress makes you look older than your age, the skin appears lackluster, sallow in complexion, wrinkling,  dark eye rings around the eye contour, and could possibly cause stress related acne breakouts.  I have often heard from many people that their skin suddenly become very sensitive, and suffering from skin allergy.   What actually happens?
Chronic accumulated stress causes your body to activate steroids such as cortisol, a stress hormone which suppresses your body immune system.  It results in thousands of complex hormonal changes in your body.    To aggravate the condition, free radicals which are your skin cell destroyers are produced excessively, and very swiftly a whole cascade of bad skin conditions follow.
Oxidative stress of a healthy cell caused by an attack of free radicals
Your liver reserves some oxygen for detoxification.  However stress ages your liver which  robs this oxygen reserve,  and leaving the body systems with an oxygen deficiency, and the first to suffer is the SKIN.   When the skin functions fail, that’s when you find despairing signs of aging on your skin when you look into the mirror.  You will notice fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, red blotchy sensitive skin,  and sometimes acne breakouts.  Like sometimes we wonder how a friend we have not met just for a while, suddenly becomes so aged!  Make sure you are not that person.
Thanks to The Skin, being the largest organ of the body is the first to show the signs when you suffer the damage of stress.  As the saying goes: Skin is the mirror of your internal disease. Take hint when you have any skin disorders that are shown on certain parts of the skin, you may want to take action to check them out, and start to learn to manage your stress level well.
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See you next Monday, and I will talk about Can You Supplement Oxygen to your SKIN due to STRESS? I value your comments, questions and sharing by leaving your message below.  It’s a blog for interaction and exchanges of experiences for the betterment of all.

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