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Harboring unforgiveness, weak emotional state, anger, fear, hatred &, etc. are all leading to STRESSES of life. 

Until and unless we know how to deal with these stressors, you are not going to go very far with the usual skin care products when it comes to skin health & beauty. 

This is my 7th Monday blog – Since I launched STRONGWOMAN my first blog during International Women’s Day on the 08th March 2019.


The reason why I am very passionate to write so much about emotional strength, stress, forgiveness because the mind and soul matter when it comes to your glowing skin. I believe that with the harmony of mind and soul, you will have healthy and radiant skin.




If one is intelligent does it determine that the one will be successful in life? Do you find all the seemingly smart people around you are successful in your perception?


Talking about the Intelligence quotient (IQ) – a focused mindset, perseverance, emotional intelligence, do you know, which of these has the highest success factor?? Researchers found out that those with emotional intelligence are far more likely to lead to overall success than a high IQ with relevant experience and others, that contribute to only 20% success in life.


Isn’t it wonderful when you can have the power on your mind to increase your emotional intelligence, rather than being controlled by others or outside factors? Don’t you want to have this power that can determine your success? Learn to strengthen your emotional intelligence.


Further to my earlier blog on EMOTIONAL STRENGTH MAKES YOU A STRONG WOMAN, I would like to share with you a few life success factors here to strengthen your emotional intelligence.


Challenging Yourself and Not With Others: What is success to you?? The expectation of success for everyone is different. Everyone sets different personal, financial, career, family goals, plans different steps to achieve them. Therefore don’t envy others. Someone’s success may not be viewed as a success in your value and vice versa. Listen to your inner truth and not outside forces. Align your life to what’s right for you, can you then find peace.



Keep Calm & Stay Motivated: Whatever adversity of life is thrown to you, make yourself strong against negativity. Learn to stay calm under any pressure by doing what pleases you, or even a simple prayer will help you tide over this turmoil moment.



It’s Alright To Cry: When things don’t go right, and you feel like crying, just let go. Crying is a sign of frustration and disappointment and not defeat or show of weakness. An emotionally healthy person recovers quickly from challenges such as emotional wounds, failure or rejection and lives life normally again.



Dare to Fail: Failure is the mother of success. Behind the courage to fail lies the moral courage to do the right thing, in the face of adversity & life pressures of any kind. Armed with this spirit, you are set apart from others as a leader and high performer.



Adapt To Change: The measure of intelligence is the ability to change. We must be like water, shapeless and formless and adapting changes for the better, to see the broader perspective in a challenging situation.



Accept Imperfections: Accept the fact that everyone is unique, and made wonderfully different by God. It’s everyone’s imperfections that make us so perfect for one another. Everyone has a different ability and respecting each other for that; life becomes joyful.



Focus On The Big Thing: If there is any challenge, focus on the challenges and not the problem. Identify the source of the challenge, recognize it and work on it out of love and not fear.



Accept Criticism: If any mistakes made, learn from the mistakes and not feeling wounded by any constructive criticism. Yes, criticism hurts, and it’s hard to swallow the “pride,” however listen to the suggestions and ignore the tone. Take a deep breath, learn something positive from it and carry on your life. You are a victor, not a victim.



To build emotional strength is just like building real muscles. Whenever you encounter any stress in life that challenges your emotional intelligence, train your mind with the above success factors! You will then be on your way to a joyful life with beautiful, radiant skin.


Please feel free to reach out to me, and I will be delighted to help you solve your skin conditions with the holistic rejuvenation approach for a sustainable skin care result!


Harmonious Regards,


Ruby Siah S.K
Managing Director of Beaubelle Asia-Pacific 


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