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Of course we all have our skincare routines but maybe some of us could do with doing a lot more this year than just a basic wash-and-go. Time whizzes by so quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be facing your 30/s40s/50s (just saying). The state of your skin then will be determined by how you treat your skin now. The earlier you start showing love for your skin, the more chances of you having beautiful skin at any graceful age.     Like people who talk to plants, you too can develop a relationship with your skin by giving it a whole lot of TLC. We mean SPOIL it silly with moisture-rich creams and super hydrating serums. Your skin will love all that attention and shine through. So let’s get down to business and get ready for all things new, including that resolution to take better care of your skin so it can look renewed, clear, fresh, clean and radiant. All set? Here we go!

1. Late nights = Sad skin.

Sleeping too late is bad news for your skin. You really do need that seven or eight hours of beauty sleep. This is do-able if you manage your bedtime routine with a lot of willpower and discipline. Retire to bed early, giving your body (and skin) the rest that it needs. Now, let’s address a new-age problem that prevents people from getting a good night’s rest – digital devices and social media! At some point, you need to put that phone away. That light from your phone screen? It strains your eyes especially when you’re really really sleepy and struggling to stay awake. All that squinting irons down the folds of your skin. Understandably, Instagram and Facebook postings are so interesting that you just have to keep on scrolling albeit being half-awake, risk dozing off, possibly dropping the phone on your face. *Ouch!* Ladies, this nasty bedtime habit is a sure recipe for lines and wrinkles particularly crows’ feet that forms around the eye area. In the mornings, your eyes may look weary and skin may look dull – not the most fabulous way to start the day… That’s it. No more of this vicious cycle. It’s a start of a brand new you! Back straight, chest out, chin up because tonight is the night that you will start sleeping right again. As much as you can manage, let it be eight hours or bust.  

Tip: Set a notification alarm to remind you that it’s getting near your bedtime so you can slow down, unwind and psyche yourself to be all ready for zzzzzz…

2. Consume Less Sugar

Too much sugar including sugar that comes from all forms of refined carbohydrates like white bread or sweet cereals, can spike insulin levels, inflaming the skin. When inflamed, skin turns red, feels ‘hot’ and can become extremely itchy, exposing it to threats of acne and allergies. But inflamed skin is not just about that. In extreme cases, inflamed skin can lead to skin problems such as dermatitis and psoriasis. But in general cases with regards to complexion, inflammation results in enzymes that can cause wrinkles and sagging skin due to the break-down of collagen and elastin. Now,thatis scary; so think twice before saying yes to that cupcake with cream frosting!

Tip: When you really cut back on sugar or quit sugar altogether, your skin repairs collagen and makes skin look plump again. Read: younger-looking skin!

3. Don’t leave skin high and dry.

That dry and cold environment at the office or onboard a flight tend to zap the moisture off your skin. Notice the SOS signs sent out by your skin – that uncomfortable tight feeling, itchy and rough. Now, you can do either of two things. Keep a small tube of moisturizer in your handbag or office drawer and keep applying this onto your face every hour or so, which you can do only when you are not wearing makeup. With makeup on, rely on a practical facial mist for a refreshing burst of moisture. It gives your skin a surge of hydration without diluting your makeup.

Tip:Facial mist is a versatile product. You can use it before applying makeup, after applying skincare. 2. You can use it after makeup in order to set your makeup. 3. And of course, you can use it anytime you need that burst of moisture, regardless if you do or don’t have makeup on.

4. Skin and sun-sensitivity

When a sunscreen says it has SPF15 or 30 or 50, it doesn’t protect your skin the whole day. For example, SPF 30 means it would take you 30 times longer for the sun to start burning your skin compared to if you weren’t wearing sunscreen. If you are in the habit of wearing sunscreen before you leave the house, very good. But one application is not enough for sun protection. With sunscreen, you need to keep on reapplying every two hours, especially when you are outdoors.

Tip: Wear your sunscreen half an hour before sun exposure. Also, check out Beaubelle’s Smart Tone Colour Control Correction with SPF 30. It’s a hydrating sunscreen that is also a primer and a colour corrector. One product, three functions.

5. Facials? Yes, please!

Don’t you just love facials? They’re so pampering. You just lie there and surrender your face in the hands of a beauty therapist. You can choose to nap or think happy thoughts while she gently massages your skin. Ahh. Such bliss. The ultimate me-time. Indulge in a monthly facial even if you already have an efficient skincare routine at home because monthly facials go a much longer way than home skincare. It gives your skin a deeper cleansing, special mask formulas, salon-only serums. Have you tried Beaubelle’s Swiss Chocolate Skin Wellness treatment? Now, THAT’s an indulgence that you can’t find at home.

Tip:Check out reviews about your beauty provider, on authenticity and professionalism, before deciding on which beauty center to go to for facials. A professional will not push you to take up pricey facial packages that you most probably don’t need!

Over to you ..

So what did you think of these tips? Got any other ideas? Let us know down below at the comments!

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