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The lotus flower grows in the most unglamorous of conditions – a murky pond of mud and water – yet it remains unsoiled by its environment. Instead, it emerges like a rising phoenix, unveiling its brightly colored petals, blooming majestically with purity, beauty, and strength. The lotus is also a symbol of harmony as it was used to signify the unification of the two Egyptian kingdoms – upper and lower Egypt.

In life, we too find ourselves in the midst of stressful conditions that can take a toll on our complexions. Acne, pigmentation, and fine lines & wrinkles are a sign that our skin is not ‘happy’ but frazzled by the challenges that life brings. So how do we emerge from muddy waters like the lotus: full of purity, beauty, strength, and harmony? By changing with the seasons of life.

Drawing its inspiration from the lotus, Beaubelle’s modern lotus flower logo represents body, mind & soul harmony that is achieved by merging the riches of nature with the most advanced dermal science to create a holistic sensory experience based on 4Rs – Renew, Revive, Rebalance & Relax.

Like the trees and flowers that transition through the changing seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter, Beaubelle’s 4Rs help the skin transform effortlessly through four seasonal energies to preserve skin harmony. By using products and treatments that are health giving, pampering, and solution oriented, we can achieve holistic rejuvenation that leads to both internal and external beauty.

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.” – African proverb

Spring (Renew) – As the snow melts beckoning the end of Winter, the arrival of Spring signals rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, and revitalization. This is the time for the skin and body to renew itself with active ingredients that provide vital energy to the cells to encourage new growth.

“It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine… it’s summer time!” – Kenny Chesney

Summer (Revive) – As growth continues to be dynamic and lively, Summer is a time for revival as the flow of life remains uninterrupted and intense. The skin’s Qi flow is revived with oxygen-activating products that give life to cells and provide energy to revitalize the total well-being in order to enjoy the dynamic flow of life.

“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.” – Anonymous

Autumn (Rebalance) – Nature begins to rebalance itself in Autumn to prepare for rest as produce is harvested while the remnants are discarded. Efficient skin preparation products purify the skin while removing toxins and wastes to help rebalance the skin.

“Winter is a time to gather golden moments and enjoy every idle hour.” – John Boswell

Winter (Relax) – As Winter approaches, peace, calm, and quietness permeate the air signaling a time to slow down as the body, mind and soul begin to rest. Delicate aromatherapy and pampering products bring peace and calm to the mind, relaxing the mind and emotions as the body follows suit.

Only when the mind and soul are in perfect harmony, then the body can start to blossom like a lotus.

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