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What is this all about?

It’s about applying neurocosmetic skin care ingredients on the skin & via the nervous system to balance the neurotransmitters in the brain cells,  to reduce the symptoms of stress from skin.

What are the symptoms of stress that you can see on skin?

  • Red, Itch & Inflamed Sensitive Skin泛红,发痒和发炎肌肤

  • Early Fine Lines and Wrinkles 早期细纹和皱纹

  • Sagging Skin 松弛的肌肤

  • Pigmentation Skin 色素沉淀的肌肤

  • Sallow & Lacklustre Skin 蜡黄和缺乏光泽肌肤

  • Discoloration & Dark, Under-Eyes Circles 肤色不均和黑眼圈

  • Puffy Eye Contour 浮肿的眼部轮廓

    If anyone who has or wants to prevent the above, Beaubelle's Face Anti Stress Neurocosmetic Set helps.  It is good for everyone as a treatment or prevention.  There are 2 products in this Neurocosmetic set: Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and Biovegetal Relaxing Mask. 
    若是正在面对或是想要防止以上情况发生,脸部抗压神经美容套装可以帮助解决问题。这是对所有人的一种治疗或预防。 此神经美容套装中有2种产品: Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil 和 Biovegetal Relaxing Mask

    How and When Do You Use It?

    It can be used from once a week  to even alternate days for those who have more obvious signs of stress on the skin. Preferably to use it in the evening when winding down of the day’s activities. Whilst using it, just relax to read your favourite book, listening to music or simply just close your eyes to rest.
    可以每周使用一次,若是肌肤有更明显压力迹象的人,每隔天就使用一次。 建议在结束劳累一天的活动时使用它。 在使用的过程,只需放松阅读您喜欢的书,听音乐或闭上眼睛休息即可。


    Application Methods:

    Beaubelle's Face Anti Stress Neurocosmetic Set  can be used on the face, eye contour, neck and decollete. Watch our video now to learn our recommended Anti-Stress Massage Techniques!
    Beaubelle 的面部抗压神经美容套装可用于脸部,眼睛轮廓,颈部和下颈
    立即观看我们的视频, 了解我们推荐的抗压按摩技术!

    After cleansing and exfoliating (when necessary), tone and immediately apply 2 or more drops of Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil on the face/eye contour/neck & decollete with anti-stress massage technique,  to enhance micro-blood circulation, or just apply it on the skin,  and on top of it -  the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask.
    清洁和去除角质后(必要时),立即使用2滴或更多 Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil 在脸部/眼部轮廓/颈部和下颈,并采用抗压按摩技术,以促进微血循环,或将其涂抹在肌肤上,和 Biovegetal Relaxing Mask 之上。

    Leave it on the skin for 10 mins and rinse it off. 

    It is recommended that you use the Skin Savior Soothing Serum, Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream in the case of red, itchy, sensitive skin or to use any skin care specific to your skin condition. 
    对于泛红,发痒,敏感的肌肤,建议您使用 Skin Savior Soothing Serum, Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream ,或者使用针对您肌肤状况的护肤品。


    Hydration is an essential fundamental element to maintaining a healthy skin immunity and a major key to skin survival.

    The basic ingredient in Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask is Swiss Alpine Spring Water. It is pristine and clean, free from contaminants and chemicals. It is naturally rich in trace elements and minerals which give skin a valuable source of vitality.  It hydrates as well as boosts its skin resistance to external stress factors.

    Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil 和 Biovegetal Relaxing Mask 的基本成分是瑞士高山泉水。它原始和清洁,无污染物和化学物质。不仅如此,还富含微量元素和矿物质,为肌肤提供宝贵的生命力。 它既能保湿,又能增强肌肤对外界压力因素的抵抗力。

    The other actives that work as neural and humoral connections are:-


    Many people freak out just hearing the name Facial Oil as one of the skin care products,  especially in hot humid climate like Malaysia. Perhaps you have not been told before the importance of a high quality facial oil as one of your essential skin care regime. There are so many benefits and ways of using facial oil to enhance your skin beauty.

    Stress Manager is pH balanced, hypoallergenic and microbiome friendly which means it is safe and gentle for use even by those who have very sensitive skin. Let us discover what are the compositions of this oil.

    Sunflower Seed Oil is a great source of Vitamin E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants.  It is great for treating general redness, inflammation and irritation of skin.  It is also an emollient which helps to retain the skin moisture.

    Blend of Lavender Flower, Mandarin Peel and Geranium Oils:  They are natural, authentic and pure blend of soothing scent essential oils to combat redness, heal eczema, protect frazzled skin cells and also to calm anxious minds.

    Squalene:  It is a fatty molecule that is highly versatile and naturally present in human skin with 12-13% of the skin’s lipidic barrier.  It maintains skin’s moisture barrier and hydration, and is also an antioxidant that has aging prevention properties for neutralizing environmental damage.  Clinically tested of the following results after 4 weeks of use:

    • 28% reduction of skin roughness 皮肤粗糙减少28%

    • 10% increase on skin elasticity 皮肤弹性提高10%

    • 19% decrease on water loss 水分流失量减少19%

    • 51% reduction of finelines 细纹减少51%

    Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution: It is a high strength oil solution with Vitamin C derivative and essential fatty acids.  Vitamin C acts as an effective antioxidant, brightens the skin tone, and improves the overall skin texture.
    抗坏血酸四异棕榈酸酯溶液:这是一种高强度油溶液,含有维生素C衍生物和必需的脂肪酸。 维生素C可作为有效的抗氧化剂,提亮肤色,并改善整体肌肤纹理。

    Does your skin need water and oil?

    If you have dry skin, you need oil to moisturize your skin.  However if you have dehydrated skin, your skin lacks water and it needs to be hydrated.  Hydration makes our skin soft and supple, but it won’t stay in these conditions, if there is no oil to protect that hydration from escaping.  Having said this, indeed our skin needs water and oil.

    Oils are lipophilic i.e. can be attracted by our skin lipids, hence they will penetrate deep into the skin, sealing in hydrating and moisturizing goodness to prevent water loss. At the same time, they will draw toxins and other bad stuff out from the skin. Another good benefit of facial oil is it helps to fortify and strengthen our own natural skin protective barrier that is usually destroyed by toxins and stressors eg UV radiation, pollutants & etc. 

    Dry skin results in fragile and weak protection for the skin, and more hydration will evaporate from the skin leading to sensitive, red & itchy conditions. Stress Manager is a perfect rescue for this skin challenge. 
    肌肤干燥会导致肌肤变得脆弱,且更多的水分也会从肌肤中蒸发,从而导致敏感,发红和发痒的状况。Stress Manager是拯救此肌肤状况的最佳救星。



    A major component of this mask is Rosa Centifolia Flower Water that is extracted from the cabbage rose which is an anti-oxidant, helps to strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissues, and is known for its highly skin soothing properties. It provides deep hydration to sensitive and dry skin, as it helps to lock in moisture. It maintains the skin’s pH balance and helps to remove oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores. It aids in healing scars, cuts and wounds.
    该面膜的主要成分是洋蔷薇花水,它是从玫瑰纯露中提取的一种抗氧化剂,有助于增强皮肤细胞和再生皮肤组织,并以其高度舒缓肌肤的特性而闻名。它为敏感和干燥的肌肤提供深层补水,因为它有助于锁住水分。 它可以维持肌肤的酸碱平衡,可帮助清除堵塞毛孔中积聚的油脂。 此外,对于治疗疤痕和伤口也是有效的。

    It also helps to refine skin pores, smooth out skin texture, tighten capillaries, reduce redness and blotchiness. The aroma of roses is a powerful mood enhancer. It gets rid of feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional well-being, making you feel more relaxed, while achieving a bright and revitalized complexion.
    它有助于改善皮肤毛孔,抚平皮肤纹理,收紧毛细血管,减少发红和斑点。 玫瑰的香气是一种强大的情绪增强剂。 它除了消除焦虑感,促进了稳定的情绪,使您感到更加放松,同时获得明亮而焕发活力的肤色。

    Another key ingredient is Centaurea Cyanus Flower Water, an aqueous solution of the steam distillate obtained from the organic centaurea cyanus flowers. It is mainly known for its decongesting and soothing effect on tired, puffy, irritated eyes and calming sensitive skin. Their use in the healing of minor wounds has been around for centuries. It brightens skin complexion as it is a natural astringent that works to tone, lighten dark spots, age spots or discoloration. It soothes sunburn due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties. It works as an anti-oxidant powerhouse with potent levels of natural active micronutrients such as Polyphenols, specifically Flavonoids and Anthocyanins, to regulate cellular activity and strengthen defence from everyday toxins and stressors eg UV radiation, pollutants & etc.
    另一个关键成分是矢车菊花水,这是一种从有机矢车菊获得的蒸汽馏出物的水溶液。 它主要能消除和舒缓疲倦,浮肿,发炎的眼睛和镇定敏感肌肤的作用而闻名。 它们在小伤口愈合中的应用已有数百年历史了。 由于它是一种天然收敛剂,可提亮肤色,主要调理,淡化黑斑,老年斑或肤色不均。基于其天然的抗炎特性,它可以舒缓晒伤。 它是抗氧化剂的强力源,具有有效水平的天然活性微量营养素,例如多酚,尤其是类黄酮和花色苷,可调节细胞活性并增强抵抗日常毒素和压力的防御能力,例如紫外线,污染物等。

    Other skin benefits include the cooling and the toning properties which the centaurea cyanus flowers are used to firm mature and crepey skin. Used around the eye contour, neck & decollete areas will visibly diminish fine lines and tone the skin around these areas. It is able to absorb water and can give physiological hydration to the more superficial layers of the skin.
    其他对皮肤的好处包括凉爽和爽肤的特性,其中的矢车菊被用于紧致成熟和皱纹的肌肤。 在眼部轮廓处,颈部和下颈周围使用可帮助明显减少细纹,并调理这些周围的肌肤。 它能够吸收水分,并能为肌肤的更浅层提供生理保湿。

    I hope you can now appreciate the goodness BEAUBELLE FACE ANTI-STRESS NEUROCOSMETIC SET brings, to reduce those symptoms of stress from your face. Your skin does not need to look older than your biological age due to stress, thanks to these amazing duo skin care: Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil and the Biovegetal Relaxing Mask. Enjoy!
    我希望您可以体验脸部抗压神经美容套装所带来的好处,可帮助减轻您脸上的压力症状。 有了这出色的组合S tress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil 和 Biovegetal Relaxing Mask,让您的肌肤不必因压力而看起来比实际年龄还要大。请享受吧!

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