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Small doses of stress can actually have some positive effects. It improves your cognitive function, total wellbeing and can make you a stronger person over the years. However do not allow long term chronic stress to dwell on, as it can play out physically as well as psychologically on you. The body releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline into your body and has a significant impact on our skin. These stress hormones wreak havoc and weaken the skin’s immune system, leading to oxidative stress which manifests itself as wrinkles, lines and dull, lacklustre skin. And in some worse cases, the flare up of itchy, sensitive, inflamed eczema, psoriasis and allergy conditions.
轻微压力实际上可以产生一些积极的影响。它可以在多年后改善您的认知功能和整体健康状况,并使您变得更坚强。 但是,不要让长期的压力持续存在,因为它会在身体和心理上对您产生影响。人体将释放诸如皮质醇和肾上腺素之类的压力激素,并对我们的皮肤产生重大影响。 这些压力荷尔蒙严重破坏并削弱了肌肤的免疫系统,导致氧化应激,使肌肤出现皱纹,细纹和暗淡无光。在某些情况下,还会发痒,敏感,湿疹发炎,牛皮癣和过敏症。

Stress causes the muscles on your face to tense up.

Muscle tension is a reflex reaction to stress – the body’s natural way of guarding against any assault, injury or pain. This causes the facial skin attached to those muscles to be pulled and wrinkled. Over time, with these constant motions they cause the wear and tear producing lines, wrinkles and folds on the face.

When the skin muscles are spasmed up due to stress, it constricts the blood flow and effective lymph drainage to rid the skin of toxins. In this situation, the skin cells will not be able to receive enough of oxygen for making cellular energy for cell regenerations. Then the skin naturally loses its ability to stretch and bounce back resulting in skin laxity, because of the deeper substructural volume loss of fat and muscle.
当肌肤肌肉因压力而痉挛时,它会限制血液流动和有效的淋巴排毒,以清除肌肤上的毒素。 在这种情况下,肌肤细胞将无法接收足够的氧气以产生细胞能量来进行细胞再生。由于深层结构体积减少脂肪和肌肉,皮肤自然失去了伸展和反弹的能力,从而导致皮肤松弛。


What are the benefits of the Anti-Stress Massage?

One of the benefits is to improve the overall appearance of skin by promoting healthy skin while relaxing the facial muscles. Due to the skin-brain connection, it has a relaxing and rejuvenating effect of calming your mind, helping you look and feel better.
其中的好处是,在放松面部肌肉的同时改善皮肤的整体外观以促进健康的肌肤。 由于皮肤与大脑连接,它具有放松和恢复活力的作用,使您的思想平静,帮助您改善外观。

This Anti-Stress Massage helps to relief:

  • Tight muscles 紧绷的肌肉
  • Improve blood circulation 改善血液循环
  • Lymph drainage 淋巴排毒

An improvement in blood flow rises muscle temperature and the increased tissue elasticity, allowing the stretching and loosening of muscles to occur.

An increase in blood circulation encourages better supply of healthy oxygen and nutrients to skin muscles, very essential in skin firming and lifting.

In this Anti-Stress Massage, Beaubelle has incorporated a few methods to achieve the objective of reducing the symptoms of stress from the skin to make you look fresh, radiant and with glowing skin.
在这种抗压按摩中,Beaubelle 结合了几种方法来达到减轻肌肤压力的症状,使您看起来清新,容光焕发,光彩照人。

Accupressure Massage Therapy helps to relieve tension as well as to promote the body’s production of happy hormone Endorphins.

A more relaxed and happy body allows your circulatory system to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue for faster repair & regeneration. There is also the lymphatic drainage movement to promote circulation of lymph and help rid the body of toxins and waste materials. It also aids in purifying and regenerating tissues while normalizing skin functions, and enhancing the skin immunity.
当您的身体感到放松和快乐时,会让您的循环系统向受损的组织输送更多的氧气和营养,从而更快地修复和再生。 还有淋巴排毒,以促进淋巴循环并帮助排出体内的毒素和杂物。它还有助于净化和再生组织,同时使皮肤功能正常化,并增强皮肤免疫力。

You may notice also some friction movements to increase the movement of tissues to break down adhesions and mobilise fibrous tissue. Friction massage will improve the extensibility of old scar tissue and help to free scars from underlying tissues. In fact these movements would help skin to look smoother and more supple.

After the Anti-Stress Massage, the blood circulation to the skin is much enhanced and the skin is purified and clean, the application of Biovegetal Relaxing Mask would immediately deliver its ingredient functions to the skin to strengthen skin cells, regenerate skin tissues and lock in hydration to firm mature and crepey skin on your skin, neck and decollete.
抗压按摩后,肌肤的血液循环大大增强,当肌肤得到了净化和清洁后,使用 Biovegetal Relaxing Mask 可立即将其成分功能传递给肌肤,以增强肌肤细胞,再生皮肤组织和锁住水分,使成熟和皱纹的颈部和下颈皮肤更为紧致。

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