The quality of skin care in Switzerland reigns supreme, because nothing is taken for granted, especially when it involves products to improve the skin of our customers. Every step of the process, from manufacturing and all the way to the delivery of products and beyond, is diligently and vigorously checked and tested to ensure only superior products reach the hands of our customers.

The needs of our customers form the requirements for new product development at Beaubelle.

We are constantly listening to our customers to truly understand their concerns, and by understanding their desires, we can consistently provide customers with the latest and most relevant formulas for the well-being of skin.

Up to today and beyond, Beaubelle continues to research, develop and produce its products in Switzerland at our Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre. This helps us ensure we are able to provide the highest quality products, made according to stringent Swiss standards, as we deliver on our brand promise to provide harmony between the body, mind and soul.

Want to learn more about how Beaubelle can help complete your customers’ body, mind and soul experience? Discover our mouth-watering selection of signature holistic skin care treatments.