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Established in 1989 as a training arm for Beaubelle, Beaubelle Academy is fast becoming a world renowned institution that equips those with a passion for skin care with the skills and knowledge required to become top professionals within the industry.

Awarded the ‘Centre Of Excellence’ status in 2013 by the Ministry Of Tourism And Culture, Malaysia.

Our goal at Beaubelle Academy is to provide world class training in professional skin care in the shortest possible time. We restrict the time spent in class and focus more in providing real life experiences and giving you access to a wide variety of jobs and business opportunities.

Our highly regarded and comprehensive selection of academic courses meet and surpass the international best practices of the skin care industry. We are dedicated towards providing ambitious professionals the means to excel in the field of skin and body care while providing crucial tools for entrepreneurial success as well.

Beaubelle Academy’s contribution towards the development of the skin care industry caught the attention of the Malaysian public education sector and we were invited to provide training programs for various ministries.

Among them are the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources, Youth & Sports, Higher Education and Tourism. We were also engaged by Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to run entrepreneur accelerator programs for their members who are in the beauty industry, and have participated in a number of ‘Train the Trainer’ programs and value-added trainings in various public colleges and universities. These programs help to provide graduates with knowledge and tools to make them more employable in the job market and command a higher potential income.


Beaubelle Live is an exclusive value added service for our students and business partners. Business account holders receive free lifelong training on selected academy courses and full access to Beaubelle Live. Individuals who register for primary skill courses will receive a 30% discount along with other perks that will accelerate and transform their existing salon into a beauty powerhouse.

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Doing what you love is eternal happiness, loving what you do is eternal freedom

Ruby Siah S.K

Founder of Beaubelle