Creating Calmness

Beauty is truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.

A lot of noise goes on in my life. I don’t mean loudness. I mean life in general. Busy, busy, busy. Family, work, bills, house chores and the likes; it can get a tad deafening at times! But a few slow deep breaths can melt all that tension away.
And should you feel like something fancier…

Shhh! Listen…

I have an audio file of running water which I play when I am stuck in traffic (and NEVER when I’m driving). When it’s hot and chaotic out there in the open world, I’m in the comfort of my car with my air-conditioning on, listening to sounds of water cascading down a stream. Bliss.

A touch of green

My desk is perpetually messy. Pieces of paper, stationeries, even day-old coffee cups — the usual office clutter. So I decided to make things look a little pretty, tidied up and bought myself a potted plant. I’m glad I did. It looks sweet sitting next to my computer. I look at it every few minutes when my mind needs to rest.

Snow globes in August

It seems like house chores are never-ending. The sink seems to be in auto-refill mode all the time. This can be a little overwhelming but I have a secret weapon to battle the blues — snow globes. I just LOVE snow globes and have a whole collection of them. Ironically, my favorite comes without snow. Just shiny confetti, a cow (I bought it in Switzerland) and some flowers encapsulated in glass. It doesn’t do anything but I look at it and feel at peace with myself.

Seek out your sources of calmness to soothe your body, mind and soul.