W3 Conditioning Toner

Brightens, optimises and contours.

This conditioning toner brightens, balances and improves the skin’s contour to return the skin’s radiance and firmness. A vital step before the Concentrate, the toner reveals brighter and smoother skin that glows in good health.

  • Take a look at how the W3 Conditioning Toner will transform your skin.

    • Balanced hydration

    Effectively delivers crucial hydration to the skin’s surface and deeper within.

    • Pristine brightening

    Exfoliates dullness, blemishes and signs of time for a clearer and more even complexion.

    • Essential regeneration

    Acts as a filler for lines and wrinkles to eliminate the signs of ageing.

How to use:
  • Place a small amount onto a damp cotton pad and gently massage into the skin in a circular motion.