The skin is a manifestation of a person’s wellness. Therefore, it is not enough to only consider external factors in the pursuit of beautiful skin. The truth is that beautiful skin must also come from within.

That is why we take into consideration all the elements that affects skin health, particularly factors such as stress and fatigue. This is what sets us apart. At Beaubelle, we believe in holistic and harmonious solutions that involve the integration of body, mind and soul. Perhaps beautiful looking skin may be achieved in a quicker and non-holistic way for the short term, but true sustainable skin beauty can only be achieved the holistic way.

For us, holistic skin rejuvenation means ensuring that we take a responsible and well-rounded approach towards formulating natural, safe and non-harmful Swiss skin care products and creating complete skin care regimens that improve all aspects of inner and outer skin health.

We put this to practice daily in all areas of our organization and especially at our Beaubelle Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre in Switzerland. From the R&D stage and production to how we advise and treat our clients personally, our singular goal is always to deliver body, mind and soul harmony.

Fittingly, our blueprint for Holistic Skin Rejuvenating is inspired by the harmony of nature’s four seasons and follows the 4Rs Principle – Renew, Revive, Rebalance & Relax.

Spring is a time for renewal, Summer a time for revival, Autumn for rebalancing and Winter for relaxing.

Read more below about how the seasons have inspired our approach to holistic skin rejuvenation.


For Vitality

  • After the melting of snow, new life and growth bursts with vital energy
  • Dark and gloomy transforms into bright and lively
  • Ignite the same renewal in your skin with high potency actives


For QI Flow

  • Dynamic and lively growth revives the life force within all nature
  • The flow of energy is uninterrupted and at its highest peak
  • Similarly, you can revive your skin’s QI flow with oxygen-activating products


For Purity

  • Healthy produce is harvested and the spoilt are discarded, clearing the Earth
  • Nature rebalances herself to prepare for rest during winter
  • In the same way, you can clear and balance your skin with efficient skin preparation products, removing impurities and preparing the skin to heal.


For Calmness

  • Winter represents a season of relaxation and peace, calm and quietness
  • Nature takes a deserved break, as she prepares for another new cycle of life
  • You too, can relax and calm your skin with aromatherapy and delicate pampering products, so it too, can take a well-deserved rest.