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In the past like in the 70’s toners usually contained alcohol which were to degrease oily skin and made the skin really dry and seemingly “clean”! These alcohol toners were definitely not for everyone. They might be effective for oily acne skin, but for dry skin it was detrimental. However toners have meanwhile evolved with specific functional effects. Most toners in the market now do not contain alcohol hence not so drying. However, many people are still unaware of what toner really is and still have misconceptions as to its true functions.
过去70年代的爽肤水通常含有酒精成分,会使油性肌肤脱脂,导致肌肤干燥,看似“干净”! 而这些含有酒精的并不是适合所有人。 它们可能对油性痤疮肌肤有效,但不利于干性肌肤。 现今的爽肤水具有特定的功能效果, 市场上大部分爽肤水都不含酒精,因此肌肤不会那么干燥。 然而,许多人仍然不知道什么是爽肤水,并且误解它真正的功效。

What then are the benefits of using toners??

The usual basic skin care regime is: Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.  The cleansing is to clean off all the dirt, make up, impurities, dead cells and purify skin. When skin is thoroughly cleaned, then it is all ready to receive the active ingredients that are present in serum & moisturizer to deliver the desired effects. Then why do you need a toner in between??
正确的护肤程序:洁净,调理和保湿。 洁净是清除所有污垢,化妆,杂质,死细胞并净化肌肤。 当肌肤被彻底洁净后,它就可以有效地吸收精华和保湿霜中的活性成分,以达到理想的效果。 那为什么在这之间需要使用爽肤水呢?


The benefits of toner (if selected right & of high quality):

  • After cleansing, usually the pH value of skin changes which might disturb the acid mantle which protects the skin from the invasion of microbes. A well formulated toner will restore the normal healthy pH value back to 4.5 to 5.5.
    洁净后,通常肌肤的酸碱值会发生变化,这可能会扰乱保护肌肤免受微生物侵害的酸液膜。 精心特制的爽肤水可恢复健康酸碱值从4.5至5.5。
  • Toners that are dedicated with specific functions may act as liquid moisturizers to prepare the skin for better absorption of serums or other potent skin care.
  • Toners may come in different formulationsfor hydrating dehydrated skin, refreshing dull skin, soothing easily irritated skin, purifying oily congested skin, brightening pigmentation skin. These toners are adding values to the skin care as secret weapons to healthy skin.
  • Toners usually have astringent character, play a significant role in refining skin pores, making skin look smoother and more supple after cleansing.


How do you normally use a toner?

  1. If the toner comes in spray form, the act of toner spraying on the skin helps to also stimulate and awaken up the skin cells of mature skin.  This condition sets the skin for better skin care absorption.

  2. If one has oily congested skin, and you may spray the toner onto a cotton pad and dab it on the acne or congested areas to kill the microbes and to control the sebum secretion.

  3. If you have sensitive skin, you may spray and dampen cotton pad with enough toner and cover the inflamed and red skin condition, and on top apply a cold compressed towel for 5 minutes to soothe and calm the skin.若是敏感肌,则可以喷洒和用爽肤水润湿化妆棉,以敷在发炎和泛红的肌肤,然后在化妆棉上用毛巾冷敷5分钟以舒缓和镇定肌肤。

  4. If you want to firm up facial contour whilst brightening pigmentation skin, choose a liquid gel toner, and apply on top a creamy mask or do a layering mask treatment at home.


How Do You Choose Your Toner?

Choosing a toner should not be very complicated. The big component part of a toner is water.  Hence the source of water is very important that it should be pristine and clean, free from contaminants and chemicals. It must naturally be rich in trace elements and minerals which give skin a valuable source of vitality.  It hydrates as well as boosts its skin resistance to external stress factors. 
选择爽肤水不会很复杂。 爽肤水的主要成分是水。 因此,水源必须保持原始,清洁,无污染物和化学物质,这一点非常重要。 它自然必须富含微量元素和矿物质,才能为肌肤提供宝贵的生命力。 它既能保湿,又能增强肌肤对外界压力因素的抵抗力。

Another factor to consider is to check that it does not contain skin irritant ingredients like glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide & etc. and definitely the natural ingredient based toners are much desired and friendly to your skin.

If you have not included toner in your skin care regime, it would be wise to invest into one now to welcome your dewy and glowing skin complexion.


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