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Are you suffering from sensitive skin condition?  What are the enemies of sensitive skin?

STRESS, Poor Lifestyles, Urban Aggressors, Alcohol, Retinol, Fruit Acids, Antibacterial or Deodorant ingredients.  Hence avoid them!



In recent years there are relatively more complaints about the phenomenon of “sensitive skin” when individuals report more intense and frequent adverse sensory effects on their skins.  Why is it so??  It’s not just the Malaysian phenomenon, but globally.  In the UK, it was also reported that 8 out of 10 people suffer from sensitive skin.  I hope I am able to share with you some information here that might help you not become part of this statistic.

Again, STRESS comes up first,  amongst pollution & fatigue,  that is possibly the biggest culprit for causing this increasing phenomenon of  “sensitive skin”.  This is especially true in female population, 50% of which describe their skin as very sensitive and stressed.

Aggravating Factors for stress-related sensitive skin:

There are many different factors,  and may be different for each individual, as it can be caused or exacerbated by many internal or external factors: medical condition, pollution, temperature variations, prolonged use of chemical ingredients in skin care, sun and harsh winds.

Individuals with sensitive skin may be gathered in three groups:

- Women overreacting to external and internal factors ;
- Women overreacting to topical products
- Women reacting to both criteria.




Everyone afflicted with this skin condition suffers from some degree of skin inflammation (precursor for early skin aging),

resulting in a severely easily irritated skin surface, manifested in a wide variety of ways with:

Subjective symptoms such as stinging, burning, itching

and/or visible skin changes such as redness, dryness, scaling, bumps, hives and peeling.


They usually have clear, thin and fragile skin, frequent blushing with certain discomfort. Skin sensitivity is closely linked to the brain and the nervous system. That’s why the skin needs to be relaxed to relief the sensitivity condition.



  • Disruption of Oil and Water Balance

Water and Oil are 2 fundamental ingredients for healthy skin.  In skin, there is oil (sebum) from the oil glands, and water from the sweat glands (moisture).  These 2 must be in healthy balance state for skin to function optimally. Any changes in this balance may result in skin barrier damage, leading to moisture loss and unusual penetration of irritants.


  • Disruption of Skin Tolerance Threshold

When the skin defence is disrupted, it induces excessive release of pro-inflammatory cytokines which activate the inflammation process.  If skin is under constant inflammation attack, aging process is accelerated.


  • Low Activation Threshold of Nerve Responses

There are many nerve endings on human skin that reach the lower layers of the epidermis.  This allows the Central Nervous System to react quickly to different internal and external factors of stimuli.  Due to low activation threshold of nerve responses in the case of sensitive skin, it gives exaggerated nerve responses and thus responsible for skin sensitivity.




  1. Manage your chronic stress level.  Remember the stress hormone - Cortisol,  which can cause a chemical response on the skin, making it more sensitive and reactive to internal and external aggravating factors.


  • To bring back the Oil & Water Balance to the skin by strengthening with a source of oil and hydration.  Choose wisely a suitable moisturizer for your day and night care.  Essential to use sun protection care with minimum SPF of 15.


  • To minimize skin sensitivity by reducing inflammation with calming and soothing skin care. This will inhibit the factors that likely to stimulate inflammation or to increase the activation threshold of nerve responses.

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