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Porcelain-like skin that is smooth & clear without skin pigmentation is something most women yearn for!  Can you reverse dull lackluster skin with mottled pigmentation,  to that of a brighter skin tone??  And those enlarged pores on the skin that look like the old leather bag, making the skin look coarse and thick, is there any remedy to refine these skin pores?


During this festive holiday, with all the travelling, visiting to families and friends and all the spicy, curry, sweets and cakes big feast, will this affect how your skin reacts?? What do you think?? Whilst we are happily enjoying ourselves, something physiologically is happening in our skin if we let our lifestyle go out of whack. Do all things moderately and consciously and you can have the beautiful skin you desire for.

Again and again, I cannot stop emphasizing the effect of chronic stress on our skin. STRESS is on top of the list to dull your skin tone.


STRESS:  In this context, the stress could come from the traffic jam, the sun whilst travelling on the road and the excessive sweet carbohydrate stuff and spices that we load onto our body systems.

You must always maintain your cool when you are stuck in slow, snail pace traffic jam. 

Listen to some soothing music, sprinkle some soothing essential oils in your car, so as not to let your cortisol rise up and releasing too much of free radicals which damage your cellular DNA. This is a sure cause for dull looking skin.


WHAT SPF? :  The harmful UVA & UVB of sun rays cause deep skin damage and skin pigmentation.  But how much sun screen to apply?? Everyone needs a minimum of SPF 15.  But then, how much sun protection is given to skin with this SPF??  It varies from each individual depending on the skin tolerance to sun. Perhaps this SPF equation might help you to understand.  Eg. If one burns in the sun without protection after 30 minutes,  then multiply 30 minutes with the SPF of your sun protection product, then you will get the sun protection which you will get from your product.  In this case, 30 minutes X SPF 15, the protection is for 7 ½ hours!  However, if the intensity of the sun is strong and you are very much under the sun, it’s always advisable to use a sun protection care of more than SPF 15.

SPIKED UP OIL CLOGS:With the curries and the spices, they may aggravate the already active skin sebum production.  The excessive oil and the free radicals from the sun and the stress clog up pores, and enlarge them.  Hence your skin lacks the porcelain like skin texture.  Eat moderately and apply mask regularly to relax the skin and it can help to refine the skin pores when you are diligent to use it.  You will be amazed by the refined skin texture.


You Can Have the Bright, Refined Skin Texture on the right!

HIGH SIMPLE CARBOHYDRATE FOOD INTAKE - GLYCATION:Those food with high Glycaemic Index (GI) like cake, sugar, ketupat rice, lemang, and the like, convert to glucose (sugar)easily in the blood, and in the case of excessive intake, is not able to be metabolized efficiently and effectively by insulin, and bind to the protein from the delicious chicken, beef rendang, seafood, satay which we eat together.  Now, Glycation occurs and this destroys the collagen & elastin in the blood vessels, and causes them to become stiff, malformed and brittle.  Collagen and elastin make youthful complexion, the skin appears bright, supple and springy. Just imagine, the ketupat/lemang (high sugar carbohydrate), satay (protein coated with sugar), when you eat together excessively, what happens to the sugar and the protein in the body?  They bind together and cause the glycation – the precursor to fast skin aging process.  If you want to have bright, refined skin texture, avoid too much of high simple carbohydrate food.

CATCH UP LOST SLEEP:Staying up late during this festive season to catch up on the bonding and networking, might result in slower skin metabolism.  Hence thick skin cells pile up resulting in thick, coarse looking skin texture.  And with the enlarged pores, the skin looks like the old leather bag!  Exfoliate your skin gently to remove the old skin cells to promote new cell formation.  Don’t be harsh to your skin which is already stressed.

HYDRATION, HYDRATION, HYDRATION: What’s the amount of water in our body??  More than 60%!  And the skin contains 64% water.  Hence how essential it is for our skin health. Ensure your skin is well hydrated by drinking sufficient PURE water of at least 2 litres daily (not highly sweetened tea and coffee, syrup & etc.) to flush out the toxins in the body and to maintain the skin’s elasticity like that of a fully hydrated grape.  If your skin is suffering from dehydration, it will look like a grape, dry, crinkled, flaky and dull looking.  A well hydrated skin looks bright and the texture refined.  Saturate your skin with a good moisturizing skin care.


SKIN CARE TIPS:  BEAUBELLE understands how STRESS affects your skin health, our research and development team formulated Swiss skin care products that have built in mechanism to provide anti-stress functions in the products to achieve your skin goals.  The following are a few proposed products for you to check out on our website www.beaubelle.com in relation to the article above.



Smart Tone – Color Control Correction Cream SPF 30:Smart Tone is sunglasses for your eye contour, analogous to wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes. It’s not just a sun protection product, but repairing the CELL DNA from the sun and the free radical damages.

Shield Nude - Most Advanced in Sun Care Technology to deliver powerful protection from the sun's harmful rays and skin aging induced free radicals.

SKIN BRIGHTENING: W3 – Wide Spectrum, Wellness, Whitening


  • Super Oxygen – Skin Fitness Mask
  • Jubilation – Skin Wellness Mask


Choose one which appeals to you.  If you need help, please contact us via our website.

  • Amazing Luminance – Holistic Oxygenating Cellular Cream
  • Oil Control Pore Refining Mattifier
  • Doctor Defendo – Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream
  • Gorgeous Multi Defence Total Protection
  • 24 Hours Hydro Matte Gel
  • Bio Cellular 24 Hrs Beauty (Day/Night Care)
  • Vital Serum Mild Skin Fluid
  • White Brightening Moisture Cream

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Strongwoman:   Since I have shared briefly in my last 14 blogs in bite-size articles on how STRESS affects the skin condition.   From now on, I will be elaborating more on skin concerns in depth.

Hence the publication will be on a monthly basis with a more comprehensive explanation on what & how to achieve healthy, youthful skin conditions.

It will bein episodes, starting with the 1st one in July 2019.  Till we meet.


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