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You would never have guessed, but the two best-kept secrets of healthy, flawless, luminous skin are simply oxygen and water. Let’s dive into the benefits. Oxygen • O2 speeds up the normal metabolic cell process and enhances its ability to utilize other nutrients in the body. • O2 stimulates your body’s natural healing function. • O2 helps to remove toxic wastes in the skin cells via the lymph system. • O2 helps to deliver water to the skin to improve its barrier function. • O2 helps to control or ‘deactivate’ free radical production to minimize skin aging. • O2 stimulates collagen production. • O2 is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which helps prevent breakouts. • O2 energizes the skin and enhances skin radiance. Water • H20 hydrates your skin so that when light reflects off your face, your skin looks luminous. • H20 keeps your skin looking soft, smooth, and dewy. • H20 plumps up your skin so that it appears firm and supple. • H20 helps to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. • H20 delivers essential nutrients to the skin cells and flushes out toxins which result in beautiful, clear, healthy skin. • H20 reduces pigmentation and helps to even out the skin tone. But not all water is created equal. Spring water is rainwater that travels through mountains and underground rocks collecting minerals along the way before resurfacing as water that is pure, clean, and rich in iodine, mineral salts, and CO2. While we may not have the luxury of cleansing our faces or bathing in spring water everyday, it’s possible to infuse our skin with spring water with the right skincare. Swiss Alpine Spring Water forms the basis of all Beaubelle products and is a key ingredient to ensure that your skin is gently hydrated, soothed, and softened with pure, mineral-rich spring water that calms irritated skin and heals blemishes. And because the quality of oxygen in our air has been severely compromised by pollution from smog and smoke, Beaubelle has created treatments and products that infuse the skin with oxygen to turn back the hands of time and get your skin glowing again. For a quick fix, harness the power of oxygen delivered straight to your skin with a myriad of Beaubelle’s skin oxygenating treatments which use pure medical grade oxygen along with Future Oxygen, Dr Oxygen and Super Oxygen that contain minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to deeply nourish and revitalize the skin cells. And if your skin has been looking older than it actually is due to stress, lack of sleep, or poor diet & lifestyle choices, then the best way to give those tired skin cells a boost of energy is to rejuvenate it with Future Oxygen - Foaming Aqueous Skin Concentrate, an award-winning, revolutionary product that can enhance your skin’s oxygen intake by more than 30%. Jump start a healthy glow with Amazing Luminance – Holistic Oxygenating Cellular Cream, infused with the highest percentage of oxygenation enhancing Phylderm Vegetal C and crushed Diamonds (a girl’s best friend). Once weekly, apply a generous layer of Super Oxygen - Skin Fitness Mask at night and wake up the next morning to younger, firm, supple skin. How’s that for a breath of fresh Swiss air?

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