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Neurocosmetic involves the link between the skin and the brain.

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Skin - 皮肤
Sensory Receptors - 感受器
Cell body - 细胞体
Dendrite - 树突
Axon - 轴突
To Interneuron - 中间神经元

How does the brain and the skin communicate?

They communicate via neurotrasmitters, the language of your brain, and often referred to as the body’s chemical transmitters or messengers, any of a group of chemical agents released by neurons (nerve cells) to allow neurons to communicate to other brain cells and to muscles and some gland cells. Most neurotransmitters are either small amine molecules, amino acids, or neuropeptides. Communication is the key to good skin health.
它们通过神经递质(大脑的语言)进行沟通,通常被称为人体的化学发送器或信使,即神经元(神经细胞)释放的一组化学物质中的任何一种,以使神经元可以与其他脑细胞以及肌肉和腺细胞进行沟通。 大多数神经递质要么是小的胺分子,氨基酸,或是神经肽。 沟通是保持皮肤健康的关键。


Is it good to have too much of neurotransmitters??

Skin cells such as keratinocytes, melanocytes, or fibroblasts secrete some neurotransmitters. Of the 200 over neurotransmitters that have been identified so far, 25 of them are present in the skin which are mostly neuropeptides. Neuropeptides occur naturally in our body and are secreted by brain cells as either neurotransmitters or hormones. The keratinocyte cells on epidermis (1st layer of skin) communicate with sensory neurons inside the skin via the release of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which then activates or inhibits sensory nerve terminals in the brain. When your skin is dehydrated, the sensory receptors in the hypothalamus (main control centre for the autonomic nervous system that acts as an endocrine gland by producing hormones, including the releasing factors that control the hormonal secretions of the pituitary gland), which is the thirst centre, signal the release of anti-diuretic hormone. This particular hormone that allows blood to retain water. When you are dehydrated, your brain tissues shrink which will affect the skin waste removal.

The skin fluid homeostasis has profound impact on regulation of stress responsiveness.

Too much or too little of any of one neurotransmitter upsets the entire balance of the brain. This imbalance manifests itself as changes in the way you think, feel and behave and at the skin level, you will get skin disorders. The imbalance in neurotransmitters could be caused by genetics, stress, environment, chemical or nutritional deficiencies.
任何一种神经递质都不可太多或太少,这将会破坏大脑的整个平衡。 这种不平衡表现会改变您的思维,感觉和行为,在皮肤水平上,将会出现皮肤疾病。 神经递质的失衡可能是由于遗传,压力,环境,化学或缺乏营养引起的。

What is Neurocosmetic?

Neurocosmetic skin care ingredients work to influence the neurons on brains, either inhibiting or activating messages to the mind, playing an important role to restore the neurotransmitters balance in the skin. The skin gets information from the products we apply on the skin and transmits to the brain cells to generate a response for our skin to adapt and receive the benefits of the skin care ingredients. To quote an example of skin-brain relationship, we know that hormonal imbalances affecting our brain could be manifested in the skin, as it happens in many skin disorders eg acne, dermatitis and even pigmentation. Or when we feel embarrassed, our skin blushes and in panic situation, our skin pales. So the skin-brain relationship is bidirectional.
神经美容护肤成分可影响大脑中的神经元,抑制或激活向大脑传递的信息,在恢复皮肤中神经递质平衡方面起着重要作用。 皮肤从我们涂抹的产品中获取信息,并传递到脑细胞,从而为我们的皮肤做出反应,让皮肤适应并接收护肤成分的益处。 以皮肤与大脑的关系举个例子,影响我们大脑的荷尔蒙失调可能在皮肤上显示出来,就像许多皮肤疾病,例如痤疮,皮炎甚至色素沉淀。 或者,当我们感到尴尬时,我们的皮肤会变红,在惊慌的情况下,我们的皮肤会变白。 因此,皮肤与大脑的关系是双向的。

Knowing the skin-brain connection, it is important to relax and calm our mind, then the brain cells would activate neuropeptides that are beneficial to skin health and beauty.  In this situation, we know that we should avoid chronic stress in our life as it is very detrimental to our body organs, of which skin is the largest one, and is very much affected.

Besides Stress, another very important element for our skin is water. Skin contains 55% - 75% water in elderly and infants respectively for cellular homeostasis and life! It has positive impact on the overall skin health. Hydration is an essential fundamental element to maintaining a healthy skin immunity and a major key to skin survival. In this trying time during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to remember that our body has to be well hydrated. Our immune system is highly dependent on the nutrients in our blood stream, and our blood stream is made mostly of water.
除了压力,水对我们的皮肤来说,是一个非常重要的元素。 老年人和婴儿的皮肤中分别含有55%-75%的水分,用于维持细胞稳态和生命!它对整体皮肤健康有积极影响。 水合是维持健康皮肤免疫力的基本要素,也是皮肤存活的关键。 在这疫情期间,谨记身体必须保持充足的水分。 我们的免疫系统高度依赖于我们血液中的营养,而我们的血液主要由水组成。

With enough of hydration, it helps to flush out toxins, ward off skin disorders and helps us to reset our skin hydration function to strengthen the skin immunity.

Based on the research on skin-brain neurocosmetic concept and the need for skin deep hydration, the Face Anti-Stress Neurocosmetic is launched.  It contains Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oiland Biovegetal Relaxing Mask which help to:
基于对皮肤大脑神经美容概念的研究以及对皮肤深层保湿的需求,推出了“脸部抗压神经美容”产品。 它包含 Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil和  Biovegetal Relaxing Mask,可帮助:

  • strengthen the skin and calm the mind 增强皮肤,使心灵平静

  • deep hydrate and relax the mind to minimize the symptoms of stress from the face via the skin-nerve-brain connection.

When the skin is not stressed from dehydration or any stressors, the brain tissues are spared from shrinkage to maintain a good brain health.

What are the obvious stress symptoms on the face?

  • Red, Itch & Inflamed Sensitive Skin 泛红,发痒和发炎肌肤

  • Early Fine Lines and Wrinkles 早期细纹和皱纹

  • Sagging Skin 松弛的肌肤

  • Pigmentation Skin 色素沉淀的肌肤

  • Sallow & Lack Lustre Skin 蜡黄和缺乏光泽肌肤

  • Discoloration & Dark, Under-Eyes Circles 肤色不均和黑眼圈

  • Puffy Eye Contour 浮肿的眼部轮廓


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