August 16, 2021 3 min read

For the past year and a half (approximately), the pandemic has taken a toll on many sectors of the human race, whether personally or indirectly – work, family and relationships, and even as a person. It has altered everyone’s lives in many ways in order to minimise contact. In many ways, even the economic sector is also compromised due to this deathly disease, one of them being the beauty industry.

However, life goes on and although the number of infections are increasing everyday (at time of writing), we are forced to live as we are. We are also forced to change our habits or even build new ones in order to survive this ordeal.

In the beauty industry, Covid-19 has caused us our skin too by ‘gifting’ us with ‘maskne’ and compromised skin regimes. We aren’t allowed to go to the spa for a facial or any treatment for that matter while working from home and increasing stress, due to other factors, did not help either.

We are then resorted to home remedies – self care at home. Though it takes a lot of effort, it still does the job, nevertheless. In a way it is also good for our emotional being as well as we take time to pamper ourselves while we have our work meeting (sometimes even during).

In a study by McKinsey and Company – McKinsey Covid-19 Consumer Pulse Survey, the e-commerce section of the global beauty industry is significantly rising due to the pandemic although it is not offsetting the decline of in-store sales.


The Changes

Since staying home, everyone has adopted the minimal culture. Regimes are stripped down to the basic three-step and make up users toned down from the glow-up style just for the sake of video calls. In short, natural skin is reigning. Letting skin heal when having acne and visible freckles are the new ‘in-thing’. However, protecting skin is still needed and forgetting SPF is definitely a no-no. Here’s some ideas on home remedies for a ‘homey’ skin:


Skin and wellness

With health being one of the utmost priority in this trying times, apart from keeping the immune system up, eating a healthy diet and catching that beauty sleep are also ideal to keep anti-ageing effects rolling. With a minimal skincare regime, be it anti-ageing or not in fact, wellness goes a whole way in keeping skin healthy too. Working out too helps to remove toxins from the body and also, in a way helping with skin.



In addition to keeping a good diet and exercising, supplements help the skin regenerate cells, both internally and externally. Taking supplements such as vitamins A, C, and E, are essential for general skin health. Meanwhile, keeping a prebiotic and probiotic-based skincare isn’t slowing down since the pandemic started. Especially for sensitive skin, these ‘soldiers’ help to regulate the skin’s natural immune response making it less susceptible to external factors (such as weather, dust, pet fur etc.)



Although the pandemic has cause a limited source of skin care devices before the pandemic hit. Once it did, sales in DIY home skincare gadgets has been booming such as those of LED masks, facial massager and many others. Due to this, skincare brands have even resorted to online tutorials on how to use these devices.

Skincare has come a long way ever since the pandemic hit. Needless to say, it has evolved in many ways and it can be said that our beauty needs can be met at home too. All we have to do is look in the right places.

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