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What Age Is Old?

In the Year 1920, those in the late 40s’, 50s’ & 67 years and above were considered as Middle Age, Old Age and Very Old respectively.

Now with better healthcare & quality of lifestyles, life expectancy is increasing comparing with the earlier years when there was a large number of deaths in early and middle years. Now in 2020, the Middle Age is 65 years old, 73 is considered Old Age and 80 as Very Old.
现今,随着更好的医疗保健和生活方式的改善,现代人都比较长寿,相比之下,早年和中年的死亡率比较高。 在2020年,中年年龄为65岁,其中73岁被认为是高龄,而80岁被认为是非常高龄。

Most of the beauty commercials suggest that older women are feeble victims by way of fear-based messages that old is unpleasant and to be ashamed of! Being young is admired and worshipped by society. These messages are damaging and negatively cause women to fear aging, feeling discontented and restless as they struggle with aging, and in some cases leading to depression & diseases. Is it worth it that you have come of life for decades to end up this way??
多数美容广告都会以一些负面图像暗示老年妇女是弱者或羞耻的,或是传达一些会让她们恐惧的信息。而年轻一代就受到社会的赞赏和崇拜。 这些信息都具有破坏性,并导致妇女担心衰老,在衰老的过程都感到不愉快和不安,而这些担忧都会导致抑郁和疾病。 您已经经历了大半辈子,如果就这样结束生命,值得吗?

I would like to encourage all women to challenge the society norm, be proud of your age, and celebrate every age of your life.  No human is immortal. Getting older is inevitable. Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age. Aging is the culmination of wisdom, discernments and life experiences. Does life get better as you age? Life does not get better because you’re older, it’s just that you grow wiser and get better at dealing with how life works and appreciate the purpose of living.
我想借此鼓励所有女性挑战社会规范,为您的年龄感到自豪,并活在当下。 衰老是个必经之路,没有人是不朽的。 在任何年龄段,时刻保持最佳状态和健康是最重要的。 衰老结合了智慧,辨别力和经验。生活会随着年龄的增长变得更好吗? 生活不会因为变老而更好,只是您会变得更加理智,可以更好的处理生活的方式和珍惜您所拥有的。

I support pro-aging, and beauty is inclusive and transcends all ages. Beauty is no longer limited to youth but rather embraced as a timeless element.
我支持老龄化,现今,无论在任何年龄阶段,每个人都是美丽的。 美丽不再局限于青春,简而言之,美丽是永恒的。

My philosophy of aging joyfully is to find the perfect harmony of body, mind and soul. For beauty is wellness. Not just skin deep.
对我而言,快乐衰老是找到身心灵的完美和谐。 美丽不单只是皮肤,美丽是健康。

I envision a world where women can age joyfully. Age is just a number. It is the life in your years that matters, and not the years in your life. As long as you live, make it count. With the higher life expectancy, let us cherish our life: be joyful, positive, healthy, hopeful, independent, self-loving always, so that we can enjoy and celebrate each year of our life and be comfortable in our own skin.
我设想了一个可以让女性以快乐的心来迎接衰老的世界。 年龄不重要,重要的是您的生活是否过得精彩,而不是可以活得多久。 珍惜当下,且让自己活得有意义 。随着人的寿命更长,我们更应该珍惜生命:保持快乐,积极,健康,充满希望,独立和自爱,这样我们才能享受每一个年龄,让自己活得舒适。

I believe the harmony and balance of the three elements of body mind and soul are integral to healthy body and beauty. When there is harmony, JOY follows. At every age, skin caring is one of your self-loves. I don’t claim “anti-aging” as to me it connotes “fighting” which is a negative implication, and it becomes a stressor. I advocate good skin care that supplements your cellular health, just like the supplements you take orally to cover whatever deficiencies your body suffers, and when your cells are well nourished and healthy , you will find happy skin too. Happy skin is manifested as comfortable and radiant, glowing skin.
我坚信,健康与美丽不可缺少身心灵上的和谐与平衡,只有和谐,才能达到喜悦。在任何年龄阶段,爱护您的皮肤等于爱惜自己。 “抗衰老”,对我来说意味着“对抗”,这是消极的含义,它会成为压力。我提倡良好的皮肤护理,以补充您细胞的健康,就像您通过口服保健品来补充身体所缺的营养,当细胞吸收足够的营养和健康时,您也会发现皮肤更有活力。有活力的皮肤看起来容光焕发和舒适。

My philosophy of pro age is not about leaving your silver hair undyed, no make-up, no social activities & etc. To me, just do anything positive that makes you happy without having to worry about what others think or say. Believe and have confidence in yourself, set up positive environment for change no matter what your age is.

The Harmony of Body, Mind and Soul is optimal wellness in practice. It involves healthy lifestyle, healthy mental attitude, and healthy ways of relating to all living beings and nature. When you are aware and achieve this Harmony, you will find the joy to age without fear.
最佳健康来自于身心灵的和谐。 身心灵的和谐包括了健康的生活方式,健康的心态,健康的方式去感恩所有生物和自然相关的。 当您意识到并达到和谐时,您会无所畏惧的以快乐的心来迎接衰老。

My feeling, belief and character of “Age Joyfully” is now expressed in this beautiful art painted by Marisa R Ng  who has this to say: “The painting Age Joyfully is inspired by the philosophy of Ruby Siah, which is to achieve a complete sense of well-being as we age joyfully. It was such an empowering experience painting this masterpiece as a woman who is inspired by the values of Ruby”.
画家Marisa R Ng都把我对‘以快乐的心来迎接衰老与身心灵的和谐”的感觉和信念都呈现在这幅美丽的艺术作品中。她说:我的作品启发源自于Ruby Siah的哲学,随着我们快乐的衰老而获得完全的幸福感。这是一幅受到Ruby的价值观启发而描绘的作品,一个让人振奋的经历。

For this masterpiece, it gives me much pleasure to see the beautiful free strokes which give me the inspiration of liberation, joy and freedom. Appreciating this masterpiece, what it says to me is:

“Life is a journey filled with challenges, lessons, hurts, pains, weariness, joys, celebrations of special moments. Life is a swirling sea of stress. However through all these, we develop experience, wisdom, discernment to redeem our freedom, peace & self-love. The dominant color orange reflects happiness and cheerfulness. The bright and harmonious colors depict hope and optimism.”
“生活是一段充满挑战,教训,伤害,痛苦,疲惫,欢乐和庆祝特别时刻。 生活充满压力, 然而,通过这些,我们积累了经验,智慧,辨别力,以让我们获得自由,和平与自爱。 主色橙色反映了幸福和快乐。 这鲜艳和谐的色彩描绘了希望和乐观。”

I hope this painting will bring joy and happiness to every person who looks upon it. Let me know how it inspires you!
我希望这幅画能为每一个看过的人带来欢乐和幸福。 让我知道它如何激发您!

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