November 17, 2018 3 min read

Knock knock. Who’s there? Sensitive skin. Sensitive skin who? Sensitive skin or not, I have no clue. Actually, it’s not that hard to identify sensitive skin,from a cosmetic angle. There are a few clear signs that you can look out for in order to determine whether your skin is sensitive or otherwise. It is important to know this because if your skin is sensitive, you need to be selective about the products that you put on your skin. The wrong product can leave your skin in a worse state than before. That’s why most ‘suitable for all skin types’ products usually comes with a clause -- ‘except sensitive skin’. And here’s how you can tell if you’re in that category.  

1. Red devil

Everyone has got their blushing moment but if it happens very often and without good reason, that may be a skin reaction more than anything else. This is one of the most common signs of sensitive skin – redness. And it can come in many forms -- rashes, pustules and bumps. And because sensitive skin is very thin, broken capillaries or tiny blood vessels just underneath the skin are visible, especially on the nose and cheeks.   When you break into a rash right after applying a facial product or consuming a particular food, that’s a sign of sensitive skin. What are you allergic to exactly?When you find that out, eliminate it. At least you know what to avoid. You can doubly make sure by taking an allergy test or at least a patch test to check how your skin responds to certain substance.The lesson here is to be watchful with what you apply on your face. Test it out. You can try Beaubelle’s  Dermazulen Soothing Lotionwhich is a Hydrating Toner.Your dry skin will love you for this. It’s a gentle toning formula, with colour and a slight fragrance. Spray on a cotton pad and sweep over your skin in swift movement. The formula is safe but the risk comes from the way you sweep your skin. Always use light movements.  

2. You’re So Hot

Sensitive skin is very thin that it reacts easily to certain ingredients in skincare products. People with sensitive skin tend to have a thinner skin barrier, allowing the ingredients in skin care products to sting or burn. Whenever you experience anything like this, cease using the product immediately no matter how much you paid for it or how amazing it smells. Sadly, people with sensitive skin seem to end up with boring products because if your skin is sensitive, it is best to keep to the basic minimum. Cleanse and moisturise, and of course, sunscreen. No fancy formulas like citrus masks or gold-speckled serums. No fragrance, no colour, nothing fancy, nothing experiential, just lotions and potions that are ‘meh’. But there are products that feel gorgeous on the skin; mild formulas that are friendly to sensitive skin. An example would include Beaubelle’s mild cleansers like the Soft Make-Up Remover Facial Gel. The rich gel texture is cool and calming with a whiff of essential oil so you can still have the fragrance without risking your skin turning red.  

3. Dry Season

There’s dry skin and there’s DRY skin that leads to scaly flaky skin. When your skin feels dry, do something about it before it gets any drier. Once it passes that threshold of dryness, skin becomes tight and taut, just before the flakes kick in. Dry skin is also prone to peeling, as well as causing lines and wrinkles.  

4. One Scratch Leads to Another

Itchy skin is also a trait of sensitive skin. It could be due to rashes or even dryness. Indeed, the traits can interrelate.  Try to resist scratching itchy skin because: 1. Skin can bleed or tear. 2. It can lead to redness or even scratch marks.  

5. Sun-sitive Matter

Some people just burn easily the minute they step out into the sunny outdoors. An hour later, they come back two shades darker. Skin is now deep red and starts peeling, shedding off thin pieces of skin while the flesh goes through a burning sensation. Not a pretty sight to visualize. Moral of the story: sunblock, sunblock, sunblock. At least SPF 40 for sensitive skin.  

6. The Break Out

When skin becomes very dry, excess oil is produced to compensate for the loss of moisture. This is how pores get blocked, leading to breakouts. Too common to notice? Not if it happens all the time. That’s a symptom of sensitive skin.Beaubelle’s Smooth Balancing Tonic can mop up the excess oil without drying up the skin.

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