November 28, 2018 4 min read

Ageing is natural and inevitable, but you do not have to speed up the process especially when you have a long way to go. There may be a few habits that you may not be aware of; habits that are creating havoc on your skin, causing more lines and wrinkles.Here, we will point out what those habits are so you can make a note of them and dismiss them in the name of younger-looking skin. Let’s go!  

1. Rubbing Your Eyes.

Something about rubbing the eyes is so satisfying but for each pull and tug, the skin around your eyes loses its collagen and elastin. This part is the thinnest and most delicate skin on your body. That’s why applying eye products including makeup on that area requires light tapping movements and not rubbing. When you rub the eyes, you are stretching the skin and breaking down collagen and elastin, eventually causing wrinkles.  

2. Frowning

Bad day? Try not to frown because frowning is a major cause of wrinkles. Those lines on your forehead doubles up when you frown!Apparently, you use more muscles when you frown than when you smile, hence creating more lines on your forehead as those muscles contract. So smile more and do away with those frumpy forehead lines!  

3. Squinting

Don’t leave home without your sunglasses because if it is blazing hot and terribly bright out there, squinting will create creases and result in fine lines. It is also responsible for frown lines. If it is your vision that is making you squint, do something about it right away for the sake of your eyes and the skin around your eyes. To address lines around your eyes, or Crow’s Feet, Beaubellehas potent eye formulas under its Eye Elixirs range (Anti Fatigue Eye Contour Gel, Essential Eye Concentrate and Eye Lift Cream); three products which can be used separately or better together to reduce lines wrinkles  

4. Excess Sugar

Here’s another reason not to indulge in sugary foods, apart from diabetes. Because consuming excess sugar causes you to age faster. Sugar molecules attach themselves to protein fibers in each of our cells causing a loss of tone and facial contours. Hence, the wrinkles. So there you have it. Sugar seems to be the culprit in a lot of health and beauty problems. Bad, bad, bad.  

5. Improper Sleep

Sleeping on your front can lead to wrinkles because your skin’s connective tissues and collagen grow weaker. This sleeping position where you tuck in your face into the pillow makes fine lines more visible.The connective tissues of your skin and collagen becomes weaker and therefore fine lines begotten from the pillow will become more pronounced. *Sleeping on your front is not so good for breathing anyway. You need proper oxygen intake to fuel your cells including your skin cells.  

6. Excess Alcohol

Antioxidant Vitamin A is vital for the cellular regeneration of your skin. However, alcohol can destroy Vitamin A which means high levels of alcohol consumption is bad for your skin.Premature wrinkles and sagging are signs that one has overdone alcohol consumption and needs to decrease his or her alcohol intake.  

7. Too Much Coffee

Coffee is a diuretic hence it pulls away water from your skin, leaving your skin dry and dehydrated. So take it easy on the coffee (and tea too, as it is also a diuretic). With willpower comes great-looking skin.  

8. Lights from Devices.

It is true that the blue light from your electronic devices can create a negative effect on your skin. It damages your DNA and collagen and encourages wrinkles to form. Sadly, we all tend to ignore this.With many social media accounts, you scour through your Facebook, Instagram and emails on the small screen of your device. You squint to focus which encourages fine lines around and between your eyes.In the past, even light from older computer monitors qualify as a risk to youthful skin. Today, even the blue light poses a threat to your skin.  

9. Incidental Exposure

You may wear sun block when you are about to leave the house. Most people stop right there. Once every morning and that is about it. But did you know that it takes more than that to protect your skin from sun’s harmful rays? Sitting by the window can also allow skin to be exposed to harmful sunrays.   Walking out in the open between building to building also exposes you to sunrays. Even if it is just for a few minutes, the harm is real. The moral of the story is for you to use sunblock for as long as you are outdoors. Reapplication is important. Try Beaubelle’s Smart Tone Colour Control Corrector Cream SPF30. It’s an intelligent sunscreen. As a primer, it auto adjusts itself to suit the colour of your skin, giving it a matt finish while protecting your skin from the sun.  

10. Smoking

Nuff said. If you haven’t given up by now, there is nothing left to be said that has not been said already. The ball’s in your court now. You can do this!

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