Become Beaubelle Salon Affiliate Partner
and start monetizing your traffic today!

Helping With Your Cash Flow

Offering the entire range of Beaubelle products, without having to carry stock.

Earn While You Sleep

24/7 365 days a week

Next Day Delivery

Your customer don’t have to wait, they will get it the next day.
*Terms & Condition apply

Attractive Margins

Nothing changes when you sell online, the same profit margin is being given to you even when your customers buy online.

Get your therapists on board

Nobody knows your customers better than your therapists. With just a simple step, giving incentives to your therapists for each product sale is easier than ever before.

New Customers

Discover new potential customers that want to visit your salon, by pushing vouchers and content to them.

Easily Promotable On Any Platform, With Just A Link

Sell to your customers using your affiliate partner link and they can purchase on mobile or desktop.

Does it cost anything to join Beaubelle Affiliate Partners?

There are no costs involved for you to become a Beaubelle e-Affiliate. All you have to do is send the customer to, and let us take care of the rest. A unique promo code will be created for you to be used by your customers when they purchase for the first time online for them to enjoy RM 30 off for the first purchase.

By using the promo code, our website will recognize that he/she is your customer and all future purchases from this customer will be put into your account. *Terms & Conditions apply

Can I be a Beaubelle Affiliate Partner without a website?

We can generate a URL or affiliate promo code which you can share in your preferred social platform or instant messaging app.

How can I integrate Beaubelle Affiliate Partner into my website?

We have the tools to help you bring your business online with no extra cost involved. The best part – you can get set up within a matter of minutes!

How and when do I get paid?

15th of every month

How do I sign up?

Go to the Beaubelle Affiliate Partners program ‘Sign Up’ page and complete the registration form. Ensure that you have read and accepted the Beaubelle e- Affiliate Agreement before submitting your registration. All applications are subject to a review process before gaining access to the Affiliate Center.

Visit to find out more.

How to get my therapists or salon staff on board?

Just ensure to notify your account manager about this, and you will have them on board in no time.

Does it matter what type of website I have and where it is based?

We work with a variety of sites & social platforms, from small individual web pages to large commercial sites and there are no restrictions on where you are based. We welcome applicants from any country. If your site and social platform is beauty-related and specifically targets beauty seekers, then your chances of success are good. Be aware that applications may be rejected for various reasons, but your site will definitely be rejected if it contains content that could be classified as defamatory, harassing, harmful, obscene, racially objectionable, or unlawful. Other terms and conditions are listed in the Beaubelle E-Affiliate Agreement

How does the system track?

Our website uses cookies to track affiliates and visits. A cookie is a small piece of data which is stored in a user’s web browser when they visit a website. When a customer comes to our site via an affiliate referral link (i.e.,, we store two main browser cookies to track the referring affiliate and the visit. Besides, when a visitor comes to our website from your site, we can see the URL of the referring website. If the referring URL registers as a direct link to become an affiliate, and we had approved, the associated affiliate partner will be credited with the visit precisely like they would if the visitor had clicked on a URL to your site that contained an affiliate’s referral promo code.

How and when do I get paid?

The method of payment is by Direct Bank Transfer. You will be paid the month following the time of purchase. For example, if a buyer purchased on March 28-April 4, you would be paid in May. Commission payments are calculated on the first day of each month, with payments made by the 15th of the month